10 Underrated Characters From ‘Stranger Things’, Ranked

Weird things It has always been a huge hit for Netflix, due to all the great characters in the cast. However, as the seasons continue, some characters are flying under the radar. Even those in the main cast don’t get the recognition they deserve because there’s always a lot going on in the story. It is easy to say that the main characters are the best, but this does not necessarily mean that the others did not have time to shine.

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Each character has their episode or moment throughout the season, and it’s important to recognize how one character influences the overall story. It’s hard to fathom how the show goes on and none of the main characters have been killed yet, but then again, that’s not the case Game of thrones. The problem with some characters being left out for a bigger story is that the actors don’t get the same stuff they used to get in previous seasons in order to shine.

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Lucas Sinclair

Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) is part of the main cast, but still feels underappreciated. Of all, Lucas seems to get lost in the mix and not get the same stuff as the others. The only good thing that happened to Lucas was meeting Max (Sadie Sink), the two had great chemistry and developed Lucas a bit more as a character. However, it is still not enough.

McLaughlin is very talented and fans have noticed that he doesn’t get the same amount of screen time as the rest of his cast. In season four, Lucas has a lot to do, but he’s still deficient because none of the subplots ever work around him. Lucas is a strong fan favorite due to his underappreciation.

Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield gets out of the car and looks to the side

When Max stepped onto the scene in season three, it seemed like a huge step forward for the main cast. All the characters are pretty much leveled up in their dynamics and then Max steps in and shakes it up a bit. Max is one of those characters that goes unnoticed but is still very likable. It’s her relationship with Lucas that made fans appreciate both characters, but until the fourth episode of Season 4, Max blends into the background.

Of course, her friendship with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in season three it was great, but the story didn’t even focus on it. She suffered a lot and had to fend for herself. She’s one of the best characters on the show because of how much she had to put up with and stay composed.

Jonathan Byers

Jonathan Byers looking straight at Nancy

It seems that after the first season, Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) took a back seat with fans because of Steve Harrington (Atmosphere Kerry). once will (Noah SchnappThey were safe and their families weren’t struggling like they were in season one, Jonathan became the voice of reason. The pairing between Jonathan and Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) is what showed his intelligence and empathy with others.

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He became the “fix” person for many others in the series. He goes above and beyond for his family and still isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. He does everything for everyone without asking for anything in return. His selflessness is what makes him such a wonderful character and an anchor for many on the show.

Benny Hammond

Benny Hammond behind the counter staring at eleven

Back in season one, Benny Hammond (Chris Sullivan) Take care of little eleven. Seeing a man of his stature being kind and understanding to a young child who had no idea what was going on was so endearing.

Benny did his best to help Eleven and even protected her as best he could. Although he played such a minor role in Season 1 Lola Penny, Eleven wouldn’t be able to survive the start of that season.

Will Byers

Will Byers sitting on the sofa and looking forward

After the second season, I felt that the importance Will Byers had since the start of the series slowly faded away. Will then became the only character everyone used as an example given what he had been through. But now, Will is so much more than all of that trauma and people tend to forget that he can still grow as a character.

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At the same time, it’s all about writing the characters and shifting the focus to the other main cast members. It’s time for Will to be seen as a teenager on his journey of self-discovery.

Murray Bowman

Murray Bowman holding two corn dogs and smiling

Murray Bowman (Brett Gilman) is a character who is always there to help no matter what. People don’t notice how useful it is when they watch the show. He is charismatic, and he has a lot of good ideas. In the final season, Murray and Joyce prove to be a great tag team, helping fans appreciate Murray a little more.

He’s a goofy, misunderstood character, but he can still sneak into your heart. His journalistic background made him important to the series, but he never really got the recognition he deserved for his lively ideas on the show.

Erica Sinclair

Erica Sinclair eating ice cream from a waffle cone

Little Erica Sinclair (Sir FergusonShe’s been in the shadows for a long time behind her brother Lucas, and it’s time to shine. Erica is a strong character and is as obsessed with dungeons and dragons as her brother used to be. In the new season, Erica shows off her cut and she can show how sassy she can be.

Although she plays a secondary role, the older she gets, the more interesting her character becomes. It changes the dynamic among the entire crew and their chemistry with the other characters is fantastic.

Eddie Monson

Eddie Monson pretends to be the devil using fingers as horns

New addition to Weird things The family is Eddie Monson (Joseph Quinn). He appears to be the embodiment of several rock stars of the 80s, is the captain of the Hellfire Club and loves to play Dungeons and Dragons. At first, Eddie acts very rough and has been put off for a few years because he couldn’t get the grades. After what happened with Chrissy (Grace Van Den), Eddie completely changes.

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He’s another character who’s been overshadowed by Steve Harrington’s love and fans should get ready for Eddie Munson. He’s a likable character because of how honest he is about how he feels.


Argyle talking on the phone

There is always one character who is always there and has a good time, even when things get dark. argyle (Edward FrancoShe is by far one of the best characters on the show because of how attractive she is. He doesn’t even need to try because he’s representing himself on this show.

He praises Jonathan well for how tense he is, while Argyle is calm and collected. He helps when he can, even when he’s under the influence. His friends mean a lot to him and that makes him such a fun character to watch.

Bob Newbie

Early in the series, Bob Newby (Sean AstinThey came and ended up being Joyce.Winona Ryder) Lover. He was a manager at the town’s local radio shack, so he had no business getting involved in anything that happened in the Upside Down.

However, on the very humane level of the show, Bob got really hot because of Joyce, and should easily be considered a hero. The audience was blinded by the possibility of Hopper’s existence (David Harbour) and Joyce being an underappreciated item.

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