3 Reasons the Tigers’ Javier Baez Is MLB’s Russell Westbrook

The Detroit Tigers expected impressive results after signing former Chicago Cubs player Javier Baez during an off-season period. Detroit has signed the All-Star Shortstop for 6 years, worth $140 million. The Tigers thought he was a star they could build a winner around. Experts around MLB believe the team was destined to finally compete during the 2022 campaign led by Baez. Instead, Javier Baez appeared as MLB’s Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook is traded to the Lakers in the 2021 NBA offseason. Los Angeles was favored to win the West with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook at the helm. But the Lakers eventually missed the post-season after a disastrous performance from Westbrook.

How are Bayes and Westbrook similar? Here are 3 reasons why Javier Baez is MLB’s Russell Westbrook.

3 Reasons the Tigers’ Javier Baez Is MLB’s Russell Westbrook

The former All-Stars team turned into outcasts

Westbrook and Baez are both former All-Stars. They have made 11 All-Star teams combined for their respective sports. However, both have faltered with age.

Russell Westbrook became known as a spinning machine with a low percentage of field goals with the Lakers a season ago. He was among the league leaders with just under 4 turnovers per competition. His playing style resulted in poor decisions and forced passes. Meanwhile, his choice of repayment was questionable at best.

On the other hand, Baez is currently the worst hitter in baseball, according to Barstool Sports. He ranks last in WRC+ this season.

The duo has similar playing styles despite playing in different sports which we’ll touch on in a second. But there is no denying the fact that both Russell Westbrook and Javier Baez are former superstars who fell from grace.

Styles out of control in the game

Westbrook and Baez both have wild and out-of-control approaches to their respective sports.

Bayes has a wild swing and lacks any form of discipline. Even in his prime, he had trouble laying off stadiums from the area. The Tigers Shortstop currently has a strike rate of 26 percent and a poor walk rate of 4.4 percent.

Defensively, Bayes happen to be of a similar quality to Westbrook.

But it is very difficult to get past his offensive struggles and get out of hand.

The same can be said of Westbrook.

Its transformations are often unnecessary. He dribbles for a long time and tends to force the ball into passes that you don’t need to make. It’s no stranger to Westbrook tossing volleys or rattling shots off the top of the backboard either.

The gameplay of The Tigers ‘Shortstop and Lakers’ is a good combination with one another.

But it’s not all bad.

Dramatic flair

Westbrook and Baez are some of the most exciting players to watch in their sports. Westbrook is responsible at any given moment for getting a full head of steam and dumping a jaw-dropping plunge. Meanwhile, Baez can amaze you with incredible defensive plays and measuring tapes for his home run.

Bayes showed an ability to get ahead in the watershed moments as well. He started the Tigers 2022 campaign with a passing hit. He also played a major role in the 2016 UFC World Series Championship.

Westbrook has made a number of clutch shots over the course of his career. Although he has not won the championship yet.

last thoughts

Russell Westbrook-Javier Baez may seem like an odd comparison at first. But it seems like a perfect comparison after some analysis. Both are extremely talented athletes with the potential to achieve greatness. It will be interesting to see if either of them can change their career path moving forward.

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