A quiet attack except for Nick Allen’s first MLB homer in an 8-2 loss to the Mariners

In the seventh inning of the warmest game so far in Auckland this season, the grandstand was more like a springboard.

Oakland Athletics’ MVP Nick Allen made his first major league run at home from the top of the left-court scoreboard in the first half. It was a milestone for Allen – but she followed the Mariners’ show of strength.

Seattle hit back-to-back runs for seventh, all against underdog Austin Pruitt, resulting in the A’s losing 8-2 and emphasizing more light production from the Oakland attack.

Left-handed Marco Gonzalez kept Team A goalless until the seventh, using changes, curling balls and breakers to offset the heft that barely exceeded 90 mph and held back the lighter-hitting baseball team.

“Marco got us to do what he wanted us to do, which is hitting balls on the left side,” said Team A manager Mark Kotsai. “When you see you know, his changeover is a plus and he had his breaker working to get us away from Fastball. But our plan was to try to use the right side of the field offensively and we weren’t able to do that.”

Allen, who was called up from Triple-A Las Vegas on Tuesday, just missed Homer on his first hit at the bat, as he caused a crucial foul on the second left-field surface. Then he came out. On his way back to the dugout, Allen made a hand motion reminding himself to “stay behind and stay ahead of baseball.” Kotsay noted that Allen then settled sharply on the right side of the field – following a Play Plan A against Gonzales – for his second bet.

“Then seeing him turn into a change (for Homer) was the result of that bat,” said Kotsai. “He hit the fastball the other way and was able to keep changing and lifting.”

Facing Gonzalez for the third time, with a runner at the base, Allen drove a high change 378 feet to the left, only clearing the out-of-town scoreboard at the Coliseum. Allen, the junior quarterback, is not expected to provide much power. He has 12 home games in 363 minor league games. However, the swing was significant for Allen, who has had two short stints with Team A already this season and could have a chance for more regular playing time in this call-up.

“It was definitely a good way to start,” Allen said. “I found two barrels tonight, and that was really good. And obviously the race is at home – I mean, it’s Auckland, so I didn’t know if it was going to come out or not. But I’m glad I did.”

It was all the Oakland offense he mustered on a night when the temperature hit 92 degrees in first court. Sailors dwarfed it in a three-layer electric period.

loud noises: Pruitt entered seventh, trying to keep from 2-0 down. Ty France made the score 3-0 single-handedly by the RBI before Julio Rodriguez sent out a 445-foot blast over the course of twice to the left of center. Then Jesse Winker drove a 0-1 fastball 439 feet to center. Eugenio Suarez followed suit with a first-class Homer, 411 feet.

Four playgrounds, 1,295 feet of Mariners home runs. It was the first time a Team A had allowed three players in a row since May 29, 2018, when the Rays hit the feat against Daniel Gossett.

“The ball’s gone tonight,” Kotsai said. “But in the end from a pitching point of view, we left the balls over the fence. We obviously need to do a better job to keep the match close.”

Anne Pruitt has drawn that the picnic may have been reflected on a meager base. Oakland put Dany Jiménez close on IL for 15 days and setup savior Sam Moll on COVID-19 IL ahead of Tuesday’s game, which likely means early leverage options like right-handed Zach Jackson and Domingo Acevedo are in high roles right now. .

effective bat: It took until his sixth Major League game for Players A to move Jonah Pride to second in the lineup. He hit The Bride there again on Tuesday, in his seventh game with Oakland, and delivered a series of effective hits.

The bride hit singles in his first two matches with Gonzalez. Serve a soft ground ball by turning on the first and pulling a sharp hitter to the left on the second. He didn’t make it to base in his third but saw 13 shots in a fight with Gonzalez, polluting seven, before falling back.

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