Alabama Lands 17 All-SEC Prep Team Phil Steele

Phil Steel’s annual college football magazines will soon be on shelves across the country, and the veteran analyst loves Alabama ahead of the 2022 season. In addition to having Crimson Tide topped his Power Poll poll, 17 Alabama players were selected for the All-SEC team.

The first-team squad included quarterback Bryce Young, fullback Jammer Gibbs, Jermaine Burton, defensive line Justin Iboigbe, midfielders Will Anderson and Henry Too and defensive linebackers Eli Rex and Jordan Battle. As for the second unit, Cameron Lato made a tight finish, offensive lineman Emile Equiure and kicker Will Richard cut offs, while linebackers Byron Young and linebackers Dallas Turner and Gibbs (this time as kick-off returners) were selected for the third team. Wide receiver Tyler Harrell and defensive backs Kool-Aid McKinstry and DeMarcco Hellams rounded out the roster as options for the fourth team.

Nine players from Crimson Tide also made Steele’s All-American team, including four first-team players in Young, Anderson, Ricks and Battle. To’o To’o and Gibbs (kick-off return) were featured on the second team, Burton and Ekiyor got the third team’s nods and Latu was the fourth team’s honor. Steele’s four first-team picks were more from Alabama than any other school.


First team attack

QB – Bryce Young, Alabama
Right-back – Chris Rodriguez, Kentucky
Right Back – Jammer Gibbs, Alabama
WR – Cedric Tillman, Tennessee
WR – Kayshon Boutte, LSU
WR – Jermaine Burton, Alabama
TE – Brock Powers, Georgia
C – Ricky Stromberg, Arkansas
OG – Leyden Robinson, Texas A&M
OG – Warren Erickson, Georgia
OT – Broderick Jones, Georgia
OT – Jeremy James, Ole Miss

First team defense

Derek Hall, Auburn
DT – Galen Carter, Georgia
DT – Justin Iboigbe, Alabama
DE – BJ Ojulari, LSU
LP – Will Anderson, Alabama
LB – Bumper Pool, Arkansas
LB – Henry To’o To’o, Alabama
LB – Wheat Pictures, Mississippi
CB – Eli Rex, Alabama
CB – Cam Smith, South Carolina
S – Battle of Jordan, Alabama
S – Jalen Catalon, Arkansas

The first team of specialists

K – Harrison Mavis, Missouri
P – Nick Constantino, Texas A&M
KR – Lydiatric Griffin, Mississippi
Public Relations – Ignace Smith, Texas A&M
LS – Marco Ortiz, Florida

Second team attack

QB – Hendon Hooker, Tennessee
RB – Tank Bigsby, Auburn
RB – Devon Achane, Texas A&M
WR – Jonathan Mingo, First Miss
WR – Josh Van, South Carolina
WR – Justin Schurter, Florida
TE – Cameron Lato, Alabama
C – Kingsley Iguacu, Florida
And – Okeros Torres, Florida
OG – Emile Equiure, Alabama
OT – Javon Foster, Missouri
OT – Dylan and Nome, South Carolina

Second team defense

DE – Ali Jay, LSU
DT – McKinley Jackson, Texas A&M
DT – Jervon Dexter, Florida
DE – Byron Young, Tennessee
LB – Brenton Cox, Florida
LB – Inverni Orji, Vanderbilt
LB – Owen Babu, Auburn
LB – Nolan Smith, Georgia
CB – Emmanuel Forbes, Mississippi
CB – Kelly Ringo, Georgia
S – Tree Dean, Florida
S – Christopher Smith, Georgia

Second team specialists

K – Will Richard, Alabama
P – Oscar Chapman, Auburn
KR – Nathaniel Pete, Missouri
Public Relations – Typhoon Robinson, Kentucky
LS – Connor Chuat, Texas A&M

Third team attack

QB – Will Rogers, Mississippi
RB – Kendall Melton, Georgia
RB – Jabbari Small, Tennessee
WR – Typhoon Robinson, Kentucky
WR – Austin Williams, Mississippi
WR – Antoine Wells, South Carolina
TE – John Samuel Schenker, Auburn
C – Bryce Foster, Texas A&M
And – Nick Brooker, Olly Miss
OG – Kenneth Horsey, Kentucky
OT – Robin Sr., Texas A&M
OT – Darnell Wright, Tennessee

Third team defense

D – Byron Young, Alabama
DT – Jaden Crumedy, Mississippi
DT – Zach Pickens, South Carolina
D – Colby Wooden, Auburn
LP – JJ Weaver, Kentucky
LB – Ventrell Miller, Florida
LB – Deandry Square, Kentucky
LB – Dallas Turner, Alabama
BC – Chris Abrams Drain, Missouri
CB – Miles Jones, Texas A&M
S – Antonio Johnson, Texas A&M
S – AJ Finley, Ole Miss

Third team specialists

K – Little Cam, Arkansas
F – Paxton Brooks, Tennessee
KR – Jammers Gibbs, Alabama
PR – Kerris Jackson, Georgia
LS – Jacob Kuttlebaum, Auburn

Fourth team attack

QB – Anthony Richardson, Florida
RB – Zachary Evans, Ole Miss
RB – Dillon Johnson, Mississippi
WR – Ladd McConkey, Georgia
WR – Jadon Haslewood, Arkansas
WR – Tyler Harrell, Alabama
TE – Austin Stogner, South Carolina
C- Cedric Van Bran, Georgia
And – Jerome Carven, Tennessee
And – Beaux Limmer, Arkansas
OT – Mason Brooks, Olly Mays
Austin Truxell, Auburn

Fourth team defense

DE – Trajan Jevcote, MO.
DT – Justin Rogers, Kentucky
DT – Isaiah Nichols, Arkansas
DE – Jordan Burch, South Carolina
LP – Cedric Johnson, Olly Miss
LB – Edgerine Cooper, Texas A&M
LB – Jeremy Banks, Tennessee
LB – Robert Peel, Georgia
CB – Nehemiah Pritchett, Auburn
CB – Cool Aid McKinstry, Alabama
S – DeMarcco Dating in Hellams, Alabama
S – Martez Manuel, Missouri

Fourth team specialists

K – Anders Carlson, Auburn
F – Colin Goodfellow, Kentucky
KR – JoJo McDowell, South Carolina
PR – Jaden Walley, Mississippi
LS – Wesley Schilling, Vanderbilt

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