Bill Burr has no patience for New Englanders who don’t like Tom Brady anymore

BOSTON – Bill Burr is a funny person. He’s also a Boston sports fan, and that’s no joke. And the native cantonal doesn’t think any New Englander should deal with Tom Brady now that he’s moved on to a new life in Tampa Bay.

“Tom Brady can do no wrong,” Burr said on Tuesday morning. “and you know that.”

Burr has been doing some publicity for his upcoming show in Fenway Park, appearing on both sports talk radio stations in back-to-back appearances. In both, Tom Brady was the main topic of conversation.

At 98.5 The Sports Hub, Burr couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Toucher & Rich about Tom Brady.

“Wait a minute,” Burr said. “You guys are smashing Tom Brady? It’s unbearable? Dude, we played on a high school football field before this guy came along.” “There’s always one of you around. That’s been half of the sports writing staff in Boston my whole life. And the stuff they write about the team, I was like, ‘Are you rooting for these guys?'” “All they’re doing is trying to tear up the locker room.”

Fred Cher — who grew up in Detroit as a fan of the Jets and thus wasn’t really the target of Burr’s message — got into trouble with Tom Brady’s clothing line. Bill Burr got into trouble with Fred Cher in the Tom Brady clothing line case.

“What caused you to have this in Tom Brady’s clothing line? Was it the color scheme, was it the advertising, was it what it represented?” asked Bor the host.

Burr admitted that such a style in Brady’s fashion line would work nationally.

ESPN act like [DeflateGate] It was actually real and not something the other team owner had come up with. “ESPN is the worst,” Burr said. They were listening to you talk about Tom Brady’s clothing line. They will be all over it. “Toucher & Rich doesn’t like Tom’s new polo line! ”

Burr dismissed the idea that he was a “positive captain,” instead insisting that Brady did more than enough to earn a life pass in New England.

“I could cross your clothing line if you win us six Super Bowls,” Burr said. “Call me weak, but yes, I can do that.”

On WEEI, Burr was asked right off the bat about Brady’s appearance in an amplified video of the Tampa Bay Lightning crowd in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday night, and whether he was having trouble with Brady going to Tampa.

“No, because we were not before him and [Robert] Kraft came in, you know, and we played in that dull little field,” Burr said. It took us to nine Super Bowls, we won six. And then what I liked is that people say, ‘Oh, it was the system. It’s the system quarterback. And then he won without Belichick, so everyone shuts up.’

“And I’m not going to go into this whole thing, where someone leaves, and you loved them, so now you’re going to break them, and then he’ll never want to go back to Boston again,” Burr continued. “We, as a sports community, have a bad habit of doing this. There are a lot of legends in the past that are not there anymore.”

Burr didn’t quite understand why anyone would think that Brady making a video of Lightning would be considered a big deal by anyone.

“Yes, the guy is from California. He’s an erect member of the community, and he’s now in Tampa. So what’s he going to do, go in there and be an idiot? No,” he said. “It will always be what it is. He’s the winner, and he’s trying to help them.”

Burr then turned his attention to Jermaine Wiggins, an East Boston native who played with Brady and won the Snow Bowl and his first Super Bowl with the Patriots in 2001. Wiggins tried to plead with Burr by saying they were “massholes” before Burr cut him to pieces.

“No I’m not. Stop stalking me to make your point. Are you a big kid about it, okay?” Burr said. “Athletes don’t belong to you. Just enjoy them while they’re here, and thank them for their service. Just like the troops.”

Burr dismissed any notion that Brady was more than just an athlete winning the Patriots Games—”He’s from California! He’s never been a collegiate!” Wiggins were ridiculed for his feelings for Tom Brady.

“It just makes it worse, the fact that he was already in the NFL, the way they treat humans in that league, and the fact that you’re upset because he went to get some tax-free money in Florida. Why not just be happy for him?” asked Burr. , while directing Wiggins’ wrath to the Patriots front desk instead of Brady. “Oh, man, dude. You gotta give that up. You gotta know what this is really about.”I will never let him go I will die on this hill. Here’s what I learned growing up: You get angry, you cling to anger, you make you feel warm in the winter. You don’t need a defroster; I just stick my thoughts inside the car and the windshield disappears completely. ”

Burr concluded with his true belief that Boston sports fans should not attack athletes once they are gone.

“I think sports cities in general, they get upset when their champions leave,” Burr said. “But I think Boston has a way of doing that where one never wants to go back.”

Burr hopes that doesn’t happen to Tom Brady. He is the one who made this instead of Clear Tuesday morning.

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