Bleacher Report Suggests A Provocative Trade For The 49ers (Not One Jimmy G)

Yes, the 49ers should trade Jimmy Garoppolo. But what if they design another interesting trade before the first week as the Bleacher Report suggests?

The Bleacher Report suggests that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback trades Jimmy Garoppolo to the Carolina Panthers as part of a trade crash streak every team must make before training camp.

But that’s not why we’re here.

Talking about Jimmy G to The Panthers is old news now, and for Carolina, it’s likely one of the three options, the other two being a trade with the Cleveland Browns brokers from Baker Mayfield or moving through 2022 with an ineffective tandem of reference callers Sam Darnold and Matt Coral.

Oh, and B/R’s suggestion was to trade Garoppolo for the Panthers. Not the Niners.

In fact, you might raise your eyebrows when looking at who said it would be an excellent business choice for San Francisco.

Bleacher Report inflates 49ers deal for TE Jonnu Smith

If this is your first season as a 49ers fan, you might not know that head coach Kyle Shanahan has long sought two tight ends who can contribute at high levels.

The Niners own one, All-Pro George Kittle, but Shanahan’s prospects of landing a secondary option haven’t surfaced in recent years (unless you’re overly excited about third-tier tights like Ross Dwelley or Tyler Kroft to make an impact).

That’s where the B/R plays, and suggests San Francisco make the third-round pick for the New England Patriots for tight end Juno Smith.

Smith, who is 27 and got off a one-year stint with New England where he scored just 28 catches for 294 yards and touchdowns, doesn’t have much of a future with the Pats after they invested heavily in fellow tight end Hunter Henry, something B. / R.

As such, Smith did not have a chance to repeat the relatively strong back-to-back years he enjoyed with the Tennessee Titans in the previous two years.

From B/R:

The 49 players can use the insurance in case George Kittel wastes time due to injury, especially since Kittel has missed 11 games in the past two years.

Smith’s pairing with the Pro Bowler twice will work seamlessly into Kyle Shanahan’s excellent cheat-based scheme. Smith is a fantastic athlete who excels when in space, and there is no better coach in the league at creating open space for his receivers.

In fact, Keitel’s injury history is a bit of a concern. And while San Francisco received a relatively modest production from Dwelley in 2020 when Kittle missed nearly half of the year due to injuries, there is little doubt that a player like Smith would be an upgrade over anyone who has the 49 players on their off-season roster at the moment.

Additionally, Shanahan finally having the ability to deploy two location pass threats simultaneously would be another element aimed at making his attack more powerful.

Perhaps essential with sophomore quarterback Tre Lance looking to get as much help as possible during his first season as a rookie.

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