Clarkson mourns the loss of ex-Guardian and Athletic Hall of Fame, Frank Rotunno ’56

Clarkson Athletics mourns the loss of Hall of Fame member Frank Rotunno ’56. Frank has been a staunch supporter of Clarkson and the university’s sports department since graduating with a BA in Marketing in 1956. Rotunno was inducted into the Clarkson Athletics Hall of Fame in 2012. “Clarkson has enriched my life and given me friendships that I have cherished for over 50 years,” Rotunno said during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. “I believe in Clarkson and am excited about her future, so naturally I’d like to give back to help ensure her success.” Rotunno played a leading role in financing the existing fitness center and was very instrumental in building the Cheel Arena and Campus Center. “I had never seen a hockey game before Clarkson came in, but I was amazed in my first game,” Rotunno says. “I’ve pursued Clarkson’s hockey ever since. The team’s success binds the school, its students, the North Country community, and alumni together.”

After graduating from Clarkson, Rotunno pursued a very successful marketing career with Marathon Corporation, Potlatch Forest and Constellation-Hygeia. In 1970, he founded Rotunno United Sales Concepts, a sales organization for manufacturers of food service disposables.

Rotunno was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science at Clarkson University’s 105th Graduation Ceremony on May 17, 1998. The degree was awarded “for his distinguished leadership as a trustee and volunteer volunteer in guiding Clarkson University’s growth and development, and his exemplary commercial success as a marketer and entrepreneur.”

Frank began serving as trustee in 1988 and served two five-year terms until 1998; He returned to the Board of Directors for his third term in 2002 which ended in 2006. Rottuno was appointed Honorary Trustee in 2007 in recognition of his distinguished service on the Board of Trustees and has remained active in the management of the University.

As a trustee, he chaired the development committee and was actively involved in the planning of the Clarkson campaign and was among the principal planners and promoters of what became known as the Deneka Family Fitness Center. He served on several Board Committees, including the Registration Committee, Investment Committee, Guardianship Committee, Campus Life Committee, and Executive Committee.

Prior to joining the Board of Directors, he was Vice President and President of the Alumni Association and a 1986 Clarkson Golden Knight. He was an active volunteer in the admissions, career services, alumni, and development offices. As an undergraduate, he was the founder of Clarkson’s Barbell Club, the university’s first student fitness organization, and was active with the Alumni Association in planning and fundraising for the Cheel Campus Center and Arena. sports director, Scott Smalling He emphasized that “Frank has had an immeasurable impact on Chile being built and the growth and success of the Clarkson Games as a whole.”

In 2016, he was awarded the Lifetime Engagement Award, the highest honor given to Clarkson alumni.

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