Darnell Money may have a career season in 2022 due to the circumstances surrounding the bear attack

The Chicago Bears are almost a month away from reporting to training camp to begin preparations for the 2022 season. All eyes will be on Justin Fields and his development in his second season in the league. Although expectations are high for Fields, third general receiver Darnell Mooney may be in store for a career season due to the circumstances surrounding the Bears offense.

Mooney is Chicago’s number one receiver now that the team did not re-sign former Pro Bowl receiver Allen Robinson in an off last season. The pass catcher for the third year is the best player in the Bears position. Although the team got several wide receivers across the free agency and the draft, Chicago didn’t get an influential player to help improve the position. Mooney, last season, led Chicago with 81 receptions and 1,055 yards.

Mooney took a big leap out of his 2020 rookie season, which was equally impressive as he broke the Bears’ rookie record for most receptions in a season. While the level of its production in 2021 is impressive, it is even more impressive how the future of the third year will work. During the 2021 season, Mooney had assists from three different starting players on the fields, Nick Foles, and Andy Dalton. The Bears top receiver scored 100-yard receiver games with two different players centered.

With the 2022 season approaching, Mooney will only get passes from Fields, who will be the midfielder for the start of the entire season, unless an injury occurs. The Chicago core quarterback and top pickup on the staff have spent their entire season working together to build better passing coordination and timing. Regarded as the best wide receiver, Mooney could easily see a massive increase in goals as he has proven over the past two seasons that he can detach from opposing defenders.

Another reason Mooney likely sees a massive increase in production in 2022 is Beers’ new offensive scheme with new offensive coordinator Luke Jetsie. Getsy is set to carry out an offense similar to the San Francisco 49ers offense that makes extensive use of leg and pass-through designs. Last season, 49-man Debo Samuel had 77 passes for over 1,405 yards and led the league in yards per reception by 18.2 yards. Getsy can develop pass plays similar to how Samuel used last season to help Mooney cover more.

Although there is excitement about how Fields will perform in 2022, there is little excitement for the Bears to be competitive. Because of the team’s rebuilding, Chicago is expected to lose a lot of games this season, which will force the foul to play from behind most of the time. Lag in most games will result in more scrolling and more relaxed coverage from an opposing minor, resulting in Mooney picking up more receptions, arenas, and landings in trash time.

Mooney can break many bears receiving records in a single season

Given all the circumstances surrounding the Bears in 2022, Mooney could be in a position to break several franchise-receipt records. Brandon Marshall, a former receiver for the Bears, holds the record for most receptions and yards in a season with his production level during the 2012 season. Marshall scored 118 receptions and had 1,508 yards. Ken Kavanaugh and Dick Jordan, former Bears recipients, share the record for most touchdowns in a season with 13.

Although Mooney is unlikely to be able to break the touchdown record, he may have a legitimate chance to break receptions and receive a yards record for the Bears. The rest of the players in the wide reception center in Chicago are Byron Pringle, Philos Jones Jr., Dante Pettis, and Equanimos St. Brown. Other than Mooney, no Bears receiver has scored more than 600 yards in a single season. There is a sharp drop in production potential from the Chicago top receiver compared to the rest of the wide receivers on the team.

If Fields can improve from the rookie season with Getsy’s new offensive scheme, it will increase Mooney’s production level. Last season, Chicago’s top receiver had more than 80 receptions and 1,000 yards despite having a constant shifting quarterback and no help from other receivers drawing defensive coverage away from him. Mooney has the talent to be an elite-level passer this season, and external circumstances may give him the opportunity to produce the stats that will put him in that category.

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