Does Michigan Football have a contingency plan for QB in 2023?

While five-star Dante Moore still isn’t committed, there is some grumbling that Oregon may be a leader in the Wolverines’ top target, so we’re taking a look at some potential backup options if the worst should really happen.

First, let me be clear – this is not a panic message. As reported by several insiders, such as EJ Holland of On3 and others, there is still football optimism in Michigan over the landing of five-star QB Dante Moore from Detroit.

However, some other reliable sources, such as Steve Weltfong of Team 247Sports, have indicated that Michigan may not be locked into Moore, and may actually be working behind programs like Oregon and LSU.

Jim Harbo & Company. They certainly made Moore a priority, putting all their eggs in one basket, which begs the question: What happens if this strategy fails, and Moore ends up at a school other than Michigan?

There is a very real possibility of that happening, so let’s explore some potential options Michigan football could explore.

Option #1: Catch up on some of the best uncommitted QB in class

While middle players tend to commit more early in the process than some other positions, there are still a few high-potential leads who are still not committed at this point.

These players could be realistic targets if Michigan football quickly ramps up the competition, but some of them simply look like Moore, take their time, but focus on a smaller group that Michigan might not be able to get into.

For example, the class’s highest-grossing potential client, Arch Manning, is still not committed, and while Manning offered Michigan, he’s only actually made it to Alabama, Georgia, and Texas at this point. Similar to Top 50 prospects, Californian Jaden Rashada, who focuses on LSU, Oregon, Ole Miss and Texas A&M, and even has a commitment date set for later this week.

So what are the viable options for Wolverines to jump in too late? Well, arguably the most interesting is the four-star QB Avery Johnson from the Maize, Kansas area. He ranked 12th best passer in the class, and currently has a top line-up from Oregon, Washington, and Kansas.

If Oregon State ends up landing Moore, that will likely knock them out of the race and certainly create an opportunity for Wolverine to make the push, that is, if Johnson wasn’t committed to a school like Kansas State before that.

Indeed, QB Dylan Lonergan (GA) ranks ninth and QB Brock Glenn (TN) ranks eighteenth (locational) in this category, both of which are significant leanings toward SEC programs. At this point, with South Carolina holding 100% of the crystal ball predictions for Lonergan, Auburn is in the same position as Glenn.

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