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There were 32 nations vying for glory in the 12th stage of the annual pairs event, but it was Australia that came out victorious.

Take a look at how the tournament has evolved with team lineups, raffles, schedule, results, highlights, daily reviews as well as details on format, prize money and past winners.

World Cup Darts Draw and Championship Bow

seedlings in parentheses
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  • (1) England – Czech Republic
  • Latvia vs Hungary
  • (8) Scotland – Hong Kong
  • Portugal vs Italy
  • (4) Belgium – Japan
  • Poland vs USA
  • (5) Australia vs Lithuania
  • Sweden vs South Africa
  • (2) Wales vs Philippines
  • Austria vs Finland
  • (7) Germany – Spain
  • Denmark vs Singapore
  • (3) Netherlands – Brazil
  • Republic of Ireland vs Canada
  • (6) Northern Ireland vs Gibraltar
  • New Zealand vs Switzerland

Darts World Cup: daily schedule and results

Thursday 16 June
evening session
(7pm local time, 6pm GMT)
TV coverage: Sky Sports
1st round (nine-legged best – doubles)

  • Denmark 5-2 Singapore
  • New Zealand 5-3 Switzerland
  • Republic of Ireland 5-2 Canada
  • Austria 5-3 Finland
  • Northern Ireland 5-3 Gibraltar
  • Wales 5-2 Philippines
  • Germany 5-4 Spain
  • Holland 5-0 Brazil

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Friday 17 June
Evening session (7pm local time, 6pm GMT)
TV coverage: Sky Sports
1st round (nine-legged best – doubles)

  • Latvia 5-1 Hungary
  • Poland 5-4 USA
  • Sweden 5-2 South Africa
  • Portugal 5-3 Italy
  • Australia 5-2 Lithuania
  • England 5-1 Czech Republic
  • Scotland 5-1 Hong Kong
  • Belgium 5-2 Japan

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Saturday 18 June
Afternoon session (2pm local time, 1pm GMT)
TV coverage: Sky Sports
Round Two (Top 3 Points)
(Best two 7-legged singles and best one 7-legged playoff if required)

  • Northern Ireland 2-0 New Zealand
    singles One: Daryl Gurney 4-2 Ben Robb
    singles two: Brendan Dolan 4-2 Warren Barry
    my husband (not required):
  • Netherlands 2-0 Republic of Ireland
    singles OneDanny Neubert 4-1 William O’Connor
    singles two: Dirk van Duijvenpod 4-1 Steve Lennon
    my husband (not required):
  • Wales 2-1 Austria
    singles One: Jeroen Price 4-3 Sulinovic Man
    singles two: Robbie-John Rodriguez 4-2 Johnny Clayton
    my husbandWales 4-3 Austria
  • Germany 2-0 Denmark
    singles One: Martin Schindler 4-1 Vladimir Andersen
    singles two: Gabriel Clemens 4-1 Andreas Toft Jorgensen
    my husband (not required):

Evening session (7pm local time, 6pm GMT)
TV coverage: Sky Sports
Round Two (Top 3 Points)
(2x best 7-legged singles matches and better 7-legged doubles resolution if needed)

  • Australia 2-1 Sweden
    singles one: Simon Whitlock 4-3 Johann Engstrom
    singles two: Damon Heta 3-4 Daniel Larson
    my husband: Australia 4-1 Sweden
  • Belgium 2-0 Poland
    singles one: Dimitri van den Berg 4-1 Krzysztof Ratajsky
    second singles: Kim Hebrechts 4-2 Sebastian Bialikic
    My husband (not required):
  • England 2-1 Latvia
    singles one: Michael Smith 4-0 Nauris Gleglu
    second singles: James Wade 3-4 Madars Razma
    my husband: England 4-2 Latvia
  • Scotland 2-1 Portugal
    singles One: John Henderson 4-0 Vitor Geronimo
    singles two: Peter Wright 3-4 Jose de Sousa
    my husband: Scotland 4-0 Portugal

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Sunday 19 June
Afternoon session (1pm local time, 12pm GMT)
TV coverage: Sky Sports
Quarter-finals (top 3 points)
(2x best 7-legged singles matches and better 7-legged doubles resolution if needed)

  • Netherlands 2-0 Northern Ireland
    singles one: Danny Neubert 4-2 Daryl Gurney
    Second single: Dirk van Duijvenpod 4-3 Brendan Dolan
    my husband (not required): Holland vs Northern Ireland
  • Wales 2-0 Germany
    singles one: Jeroen Price 4-0 Martin Schindler
    Second single: Johnny Clayton 4-2 Gabriel Clemens
    My husband (not required): Wales vs Germany
  • Belgium 1-2 Australia
    singles one: Dimitri van den Berg 4-2 Damon Heta
    Second single: Kim Huybrechts 3-4 Simon Whitlock
    my husband: Belgium 0-4 Australia
  • England 2-0 Scotland
    singles one: Michael Smith 4-0 John Henderson
    Second single: James Wade 4-1 Peter Wright
    My husband (not required): england vs scotland

Evening session (7pm local time, 6pm GMT)
Semi-finals (3 best points)
(2x best 7-legged singles matches and better 7-legged doubles resolution if needed)

  • Wales 2-0 Netherlands
    one by one: Jeroen Price 4-1 Danny Neubert
    Second single: Johnny Clayton 4-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
    My husband (not required): Wales vs Holland
  • England 0-2 Australia
    singles one: Michael Smith 3-4 Damon Hetta
    Second single: James Wade 0-4 Simon Whitlock
    My husband (not required): england vs australia

Final (Top 5 Points)
(2x best of 7 singles matches, best of 7 leg doubles, then reverse singles)

  • Australia 3-1 Wales
    one by one: Damon Hita 4-0 Jeroen Price
    Second single: Simon Whitlock 4-2 Johnny Clayton
    my husband: Australia 3-4 Wales
    Third single: Damon Hita 4-2 Johnny Clayton
    Fourth singles (not required): Simon Whitlock vs Jeroen Price

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World Darts Cup: Competing Countries and Team Lineups

All 32 competing nations are listed below, with several nations confirming their player lineups through various qualifying events and criteria.

Countries whose players qualify through the PDC Medal of Merit will see their squad confirmed on Monday, May 30th.

  • Australia Damon Heath and Simon Whitlock
  • Austria – Mansur Sulyovic and Robbie – John Rodriguez
  • Belgium – Dimitri van den Berg and Kim Hebrechts
  • Brazil Diogo Portela and Arthur Valli
  • Canada – Jeff Smith and Matt Campbell
  • Czech Republic Adam Golas and Karel Sedlick
  • Denmark Vladimir Andersen and Andreas Toft Jorgensen
  • England – Michael Smith and James Wade
  • Finland – Marco Cantel and Aki Pavilainen
  • Germany – Gabriel Clemens and Martin Schindler
  • Tarek mountain – Justin Hewitt and Craig Galliano
  • Hong Kong – Lok Yin Lee & Ho Tung Ching Free Mp3 Download
  • Hungary – Nandor Brie and Gergeli Lakatos
  • Italia Giuseppe de Rocco and Gabriel Rollo
  • Japan –Tomoya Goto and Toro Suzuki
  • Latvia – Madras Razma and Norris Gilglo
  • Lithuania – Darius Labanauskas and Mindogas Barauskas
  • Holland – Danny Neubert and Dirk van Duijvenbode
  • New Zealand – Ben Robb and Warren Barry
  • northern Ireland Daryl Gurney and Brendan Dolan
  • philippines – Lawrence Ilagan and RJ Escaros
  • Poland – Krzysztof Ratajsky and Sebastian Bialecki
  • Portugal Jose de Sousa and Vitor Jerónimo
  • Republic of Ireland – William O’Connor and Steve Lennon
  • Scotland Peter Wright and John Henderson
  • Singapore – Paul Lim and Harith Lim
  • South Africa Devon Petersen and Stefan Vermack
  • Spain Jose Justicia and Tony Martinez
  • Sweden – Daniel Larsson and Johann Engstrom
  • Switzerland Stephen Belmont and Thomas Junghans
  • United States of America – Danny Pages and Jules van Dongen
  • Wales Jeroen Price and Johnny Clayton

World Cup Darts

The best nine-legged – my husband. All players participate in each stage of the match, in an alternate visit format.

  • Second round, quarter-finals and semi-finals

These two matches will be played as the top two of seven 501 singles matches, with both countries nominated for the order in which the two players play.

If both countries win one singles match, the best of seven 501 doubles matches will be played to determine a tie.

These would be two of the best seven out of 501 singles matches, with both countries nominating the order in which their players play their first two matches, followed by the best of seven 501 doubles matches and then reverse singles matches. The winner is the first team to win three matches.

Where can I watch the Darts World Cup on TV?

The Cazoo World Cup of Darts will be broadcast on Sky Sports for UK viewers, through PDC’s international broadcast partners, including DAZN and Viaplay, and on PDCTV For subscribers to the rest of the world.

Are Darts World Cup tickets available?

yes. For more information on tickets or to purchase tickets, Please visit the PDC Europe website.

World Darts Cup: Sky Bet Odds

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Prize chest (per team of players)

  • Winners – £70,000
  • Runner-up – £40,000
  • Semi-finalists – £24,000
  • Quarter-finalists – £16,000
  • Round 2 losers – £8000
  • First Round Losers – £4,000
    Total – 350 thousand pounds

Darts World Cup: Past Finals

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