Edmonton Oilers striker Conor McDavid scored a landslide victory at the NHL Awards

Ah yes, the NHL awards. One of the best times of the year.

But this year, that wasn’t the case for Edmonton Oilers striker Conor McDavid. This year, Toronto Maple Leafs striker Auston Matthews has won not only the NHL’s Ted Lindsay Award for Player of the Year as voted by the players, but also the Hart Cup for Major League Player as voted by the PHWA.

You name it, but Matthews’ 60-goal season was too much for anyone to beat. He received 119 first-place votes for the Cup compared to 29 votes for McDavid – the second-most.

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Here’s how I rocked the rest of the awards.

I mean, are we surprised? Shesterkin has emerged on the scene this year scoring 2.07 league goals versus an average and 0.935 percent. He carried Rangers to the Eastern Conference Finals, so seeing him get 29 of a possible 32 votes from the NHL GM’s was no surprise.

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Put this under “Are we surprised?” very. When the Detroit Red Wings finished sixth overall in 2019, I was in for a shock. It was arranged later on the tour, and it felt like a phenomenal arrival given some of the other names still available.

Well, I don’t feel stupid now. What a great rookie season he scored 50 points in 82 games.

This was the first award given for which Conor MacDavid was eligible. Matthews had a career year scoring 60 goals and 106 points – a career high for both far and away. Meanwhile, MacDavid did the same. 44 goals, 79 assists and 123 points were all his career highs.

However, the players felt Matthews was the best player in the league this year and I can’t particularly blame them. No matter which way you go, 60 goals is an impressive mark any player can score and hasn’t come since Stephen Stamkos hit the target in 2011-12.

Wow, what a tight race. It was a fight between Cal Makar and Roman Jozy as the latter got more first place votes. Despite this, Makar received 98 votes in second place. I don’t think the voters could have gotten this wrong either way, although I would have counted on Josie given how dominant he is at 32 playing with less firepower.

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Remember all those things I said above when it comes to Ted Lindsay? copy and paste.

It should be noted, however, that Leon Drysittel found his name on 12 ballot papers this year.

Conor McDavid found his way into the second-tier all-star team, with Drysittle missing out.

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