Former Georgia LB Quay Walker admitted to losing confidence with the Packers

“I don’t want to overstep myself. I just want to keep my head level and stay neutral at all times,” said former Georgia midfielder Kwai Walker after the first day of junior camp with the Green Bay Packers in May.

Walker, who was picked 22nd overall by the Packers in the April NFL Draft, remains humble despite his early selection and high expectations.

The Packers linebacker first taken in the first round since AJ Hawk in 2006, Walker got off to a hot start with his new team.

As the summer progressed, Walker made his focus to studying his new veteran teammates, midfielders De Vonder Campbell and Chris Barnes.

“I pick up a lot, to be honest with you,” Walker said. “He doesn’t know it, but I watch him a lot. I’m just trying to learn a lot from him – how he goes about his day, how he gets therapy in between meetings, the things he does. So, I just try to get him, everything. Not only him, but also Chris ( Barnes). These two guys are very good guys and I’m just trying to learn everything I can.”

Walker has admitted to losing some confidence since arriving at Green Bay, and says he’s focused on getting that back in as we head into the 2022 NFL season. Walker understands he was picked in the first round for a reason, but said he had a hard time adjusting to the next level.

“No doubt,” Walker said. “This is something I really want to work on. I lost some of my confidence when I got here because I wasn’t sure what was going on and I was trying to get a good feeling. You know what it’s like when I’m in a new organization and a new defense. Things like that. It’s similar to what We did it in college, but it’s still new. That’s the main thing is trying to get my confidence back. I just think there’s a reason I’m here too. It’s the highest level in the football period. I just have to trust it and believe in it, and so do my teammates, So they can count on me. Just go from there.”

In Georgia, Walker was an interference machine, finishing fourth on the team with a total of 63 tackles.

“I’m learning new defense and these are the veteran guys I play with, these are adult guys, so it’s going to be a little different,” Walker said last May.

Walker says all the right things. Georgia’s defense may have been the best in college football history last year, but the NFL is a whole new animal. However, Walker has lived up to expectations in his very short time with the team thus far.

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