Hickory Crawdads open road trip with big win over Roma

Hickory Crawdads doubled the Rome Braves to open a six-game road trip on Tuesday, winning 12-6. Despite the win, Cordads were eliminated from winning the first-half title in the Southern Division as Bowling Green beat Greenville 4-0, and Cordads lead by 2.5 games with two games remaining in the first half of the season.

Hickory got his start, scoring 11 points in the first three rounds of the competition. In the first half, Aaron Zavala led the match with a shot at home to the right court. Zinger is his fifth of the season. Then Luisangel Akuna came in and took a solo and then stole the second and third bases. Evan Carter walked as he put the runners into the corners. Trevor Hoover walked in and uploaded the rules without logging out. Cody Freeman was responsible for the first break out of the inning, at the sacrifice fly to the right field, enabling Akuna to score. Kiper Rodriguez then did the singles, allowing Carter to score.

The Croods added three more games in the second half. Jake Guenther started the half to reach first base on a field foul by Roma’s second captain. Singles Zavala, Günther moved to second place. Both runners advanced with a base on a shell. Later, Evan Carter scored his fifth goal in the treble this season, and both Gunther and Zavala scored. Then Haover doubled and Carter scored.

But Hickory’s big run was in the third, when Hickory scored five runs. Leading the half, singles Chris Seas. He then picked Scott Capers while Seaz moved in for second. One time later, Zavala doubled Sizes’ scoring. Akuna walked holding the rules. Carter then hit the Grand Slam into the right midfield and Hickory advanced 11-0 after the third inning.

Roma scored three games in the fifth and one round in the seventh. Hickory ran a round in the eighth inning when Hauver fired solo at home to the right field. The Braves were pushing two in eighth, but Crowdad kept Roma in ninth and Hickory won 12-6.

Carter was double shy of hitting the course. Six of the RBI hit the competition. Zavala was hitting three for six with three runs and scored two RBIs. Every newbie in Crowdad was hit by at least one hit.

Tekoah Roby took the win on the hill for Hickory. He did six innings, allowed five hits, and three runs, but hit nine hits and only walked twice. Four archers combined in 13 strikes against Rome’s rackets.

Cordades is 37-27 in the first half of the season. They continue their streak against Roma until Sunday.

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