John Cooper, Tampa Bay are gold medalist hypocrites

If Devon Toews is dangerous, Corey Perry is malicious.

Or is it hockey etiquette when a player lies helplessly on the ice, the way JT Compher was in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final, full weight On the player’s leg sprawlingLike a footstool in a library while you dig your knee into an extended player’s ankle?

“It’s one of those plays you don’t want to see,” said Victor Hedman, the defense of the Lightning. Blow by Toewsavalanche d-man, over Tampa Bay striker Nikita Kucherov, at the end of a 6-2 Bolts laugher at Game 3, prepares a crucial showdown for the Game 4 Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday at Amalie Arena.

“It’s a dangerous play. You never want to see that. We’ll see if anything happens. Probably not. But it’s a dangerous play.”

If Toews is dangerous, then Kucherov is evil.

Or is it kosher to skate on the man’s back, with full tilt, and then blind him squarely between the figures in such a way that it sends him straight to the boards?

Is it cool to hit your right shoulder, at game speed, in the guy’s neck in order to ensure he gets a face full of glass, like a bug on a windshield, as Kocherov did with Avs defenseman Josh Manson?

The kind of collision that should have taken a penalty – and didn’t – a few minutes before the hit that made Hedman and Tampa coach John Cooper run so hard?

Cooper said of the connection between Toews and Kucherov along boards that forced the latter out of business, raising doubts about the state of Kucherov’s Game 4, “When questions like that are asked, you look for an answer that everyone in the building already knows.”

The thief knows the thief as the wolf knows the wolf.

“It’s a game. It’s a communication game,” Cooper continued. “But the guys know what they’re doing. Smart and savvy players know what to do with their stick. We’ve all seen it.”

We’ve all seen Kucherov and Manson, too. We all saw Perry and Comper this past weekend. pot, meet kettle.

Lightning is not only the defender, a two-time Stanley Cup champion. They are hypocrites with a gold medal.

They’re the neighbor complaining to HOA about your mailbox while they leave their Christmas decorations until Valentine’s Day.

They’re the coworker who wags his finger about your diet while stuffing his face with Heath bars.

It’s the sister who warns that your kids are watching too much TV while your nephews, like a row of amazing cherubic zombies, stare at their iPads.

“We play the best team (in the league), they’ve won (titles) in a row,” Avs player Nathan McKinnon told reporters. “We know they were very proud of their passing.”

Very artful. Too cunning. But Lightning’s warning to everyone else, let alone Devon Toews, about fair play and sportsmanship is like listening to Yosemite Sam’s lecture on anger management.

Lest we forget, it was Tampa Bay who cleverly managed to circumvent the salary cap last season by putting Kucherov on a long injured reserve. The Russian winger has been declared healthy enough to revitalize in the post-season 21, as the NHL cap rules – and here’s the smart part – no longer apply.

We know the rest: Coach was awesome, and Tampa won its second straight cup. Although CapFri pegged them to a projected cap figure of $98.8 million in a league where the cap was $81.5 million.

Because at this point in the game, smart and savvy guys know exactly what they’re doing. And so are you, Coop. you too.

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