Lots of recent changes to the draft predictions for the Swans in No. 8

It’s been over two months since the NCAA men’s basketball season ended in April. Several potential first-round selections for 2022 did not compete in the combined group in May. However, despite this relative inactivity, there were widespread changes to several of the NBA’s dummy drafts in June, with internet sites updating their forecasts on how they think the draft will go through Thursday (7 p.m. Central, ABC, ESPN).

Picking New Orleans in eighth overall is a perfect illustration of the kind of movement that’s been going on in the minds of draft analysts lately. Of the 11 different sites surveyed by Pelicans.com, all but one have changed their predictions of what New Orleans will do with lottery picks since we checked in with each media entity on May 23.

Here are the players expected to take eighth place overall by the respective locations, along with their predictions from four weeks ago. All quoted comments are from the same sites:

Athlete: Ousmane Deng, France striker

“This marks the beginning of Deng’s range, and I expect him to go somewhere in the lottery. A 6-foot-9 forward with real passing and playmaking ability as well as some defensive gear, Deng fits the archetype of the versatile, positional flexibility that the Pelicans have valued in recent years. “.

Late May Show: Benedict Mathurin, Arizona guard

Basketball news: Shydon Sharp, Kentucky goalkeeper

“Shaydon Sharp is one of the most talented players in the class. He is a formidable athlete with a positional size and skill set that should allow him to excel at the NBA level.”

Late May Drop: AJ Griffin, Duke forward

Bleacher Report: Sheldon Sharp, Kentucky Ranger

“If the name of a surprise can shake up the top four, we hear it’s a mustache. There is some hype around a top four team showing extra interest, although it’s hard to imagine it rising that far, considering the general managers are doing the same thing. Assessed by Sharpe on the AAU 2021 Exercise Tape”.

Late May Show: Benedict Mathurin, Arizona guard

CBSSports.com: AJ Griffin, Duke striker

New Orleans was ranked as the 27th best in the NBA by 3-point team shooting percentage last season. In Griffin they added one of the best wingers in the draft who has legitimate star potential if he can find his high school shape old and stay healthy.”

Drop in late May: Ochai Agbaji, KS goalkeeper

ESPN.com: Sheldon Sharp, Kentucky guard

“The Pelicans have less need at any given location than other lottery teams. New Orleans has four rookies in the fold and a slew of young talent at each position giving it tremendous depth and role players to fill in almost any gap. Drafting Sharpe and letting him come in slowly would make sense. big “.

Late May Drop: AJ Griffin, Duke forward

NBA.com (Consensus): Dyson Daniels, Australia goalkeeper

“The Australian playmaker – like his compatriot Josh Gede – is an above-average passer with a tight vision and a desire to ease up on his teammates; locking in the defender at the other end.”

Late May Show: Benedict Mathurin, Arizona guard

NBADraft.net: Sheldon Sharp, Kentucky guard

“An elite running/jump athlete with very good strength to play through contact and physical play.”

Late May Show: Sheldon Sharp, Kentucky Ranger

The Ringer: Arizona guard Benedict Mathurin

“The knockout shooter with the ability to hit the ball from dribbling, although he needs to work as a passer and defender.”

Drop in late May: Johnny Davis, Wisconsin guard

SB Nation: Dyson Daniels, Australia goalkeeper

A 6’8 goalkeeper with a 6’11 wingspan, Daniels has the potential to be a closed back defender who can smother smaller goalkeepers with his quick feet and agility. New Orleans could use another top-ranked defender in the lineup with Zion Williams back in, and Daniels showed enough offensive improvement in the half second of the season as a playmaker and shooter to ensure that choice.”

Drop in late May: Iowa forward Keegan Murray

USA Today/FTW: Arizona guard Benedict Mathurin

“After performing well for themselves by adding three new players (Herbert Jones, Trey Murphy, and Jose Alvarado) last season, the Pelicans could add some help on the periphery by selecting Arizona star Benedict Mathurin. The outstanding sophomore, a promising product of the NBA academy system, could, to help make space for Zion Williamson’s comeback.”

Late May predictions: Jeremy Suchan, Baylor striker

Hey ho! Sports: Australia goalkeeper Dyson Daniels

“The Australian has grown by two inches since the start of the G League season and is now close to shoes at 6ft 8. His height and high basketball IQ make him an interesting prospect if he drops 8th in the draft. Pelicans could use a guard like Daniels Starring and instantly connected next to CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram.”

Drop in late May: Johnny Davis, Wisconsin guard

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