MLB All-Star Game: Aaron Judge and Mocky Bates lead the vote-takers in the league’s first polling update


Major League Baseball has released the first polling update for its 2022 All-Star Game, which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

The voting process remains in Phase 1, which means fans can continue to vote for players until Thursday, June 30. MLB Stage 2 will begin on Tuesday, July 5, at which point fans will choose between the top two voting stakes at each position. (and the first six defensive players) to decide who will start this year’s Midsummer Classic. Phase Two will then end on Friday, July 8, with starters and full rosters to be announced on ESPN on Sunday, July 10.

In a new wrinkle, MLB proved that the top-ranking winner in each league would automatically start an All-Star Game, allowing them to pass the second stage. So far, New York Yankees player Aaron Judge leads the big leagues with more than 1.5 million votes, and Los Angeles Dodgers player has hit. Mocky Pets In second place with more than 1.4 million votes.

Below are the best votes each position received in both leagues.

National League

  • catcher: Wilson Contreras (Cubs), 801,630 votes; Travis Darno (Bravis), 471,921 votes; Molina runs (Cardinals), 454,685 votes
  • first rule: Paul Goldschmidt (Cardinals), 930441 votes; Pete Alonso (Mets), 602,321 votes; Freddy Freeman (Dodgers) got 469,197 votes
  • second rule: Jazz Chisholm (Marlins), 634,762 votes; Ozzy Albis (the brave), 589,804 votes; Jeff McNeill (Mets) 580,257 votes.
  • third rule: Mane Machado (Padrese), 969,582 votes. Nolan Arenado (Cardinals), 581,363 votes; Austin Riley (Braves) 557,220 votes
  • Shortstop: Tria Turner (Dodgers) received 811,839 votes. Dansby Swanson (Braves), 599,251 votes; Francisco Lindor (Mets), 521,489 votes
  • Outside: Mookie Betts (Dodgers), 1,446,050 votes; Ronald Acuña Jr. (Braves), 1,398,563 votes; Jock Pederson (Giants), 630,584 votes; Starling Marte (Mets), 469,344 votes; Juan Soto (nationals), 451,079 votes; Adam Duvall (Braves), 332,387 votes
  • designated hitter: Bryce Harper (Phillies), 1,059,433 votes. William Contreras (Braves), 584,630 votes; Albert Pujols (cardinals), 344,248 votes

American League

  • catcher: Alejandro Kirk (Blue Jays), 1,057,008 votes. Jose Trevino (Yankees), 387,983 votes. Salvador Perez (royal family), 266,604 votes
  • first rule: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Blue Jays), 947,045 votes. Ty France (Mariners) 596,030 votes; Anthony Rizzo (Yankees) 445,683 votes
  • second rule: Jose Altove (Astros), 710,708 votes. Santiago Espinal (Blue Jays), 522,154 votes; Andrés Jimenez (Guardians), 514,982 votes
  • third rule: Rafael Devers (Red Sox), 727,669 votes. Jose Ramirez (The Guardians), 71,367 votes; Matt Chapman (Blue Jays), 406,182 votes
  • shortstop: Bo Bichette (Blue Jays), 585,744 votes. Tim Anderson (White Sox), 528,278 votes; Xander Bogarts (Red Sox) got 525,202 votes
  • Outside– Aaron Judge (Yankees), 1,512,368 votes; Mike Trout (Angels), 1,295,854 votes; George Springer (Blue Jays) 622063 votes. Giancarlo Stanton (Yankees), 504,537 votes; Taylor Ward (Angels), 497,361 votes; Byron Buxton (twins), 403,050 votes
  • designated hitter: Jordan Alvarez (Astros), 835,669 votes. Shohei Ohtani (Angels) 555,056 votes; J.D. Martinez (Red Sox), 307,706 votes

Fans can continue to vote by logging into or one of the team’s 30 official websites.

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