Monster Energy’s Jack Muir takes third place at Enduro World Series #2 in Petzen-Jamnica, Slovenia | News

Monster Energy congratulates the 28-year-old team rider Jack Muir from Morissette Park, Australia 3rd in the Enduro World Series Round 2 Championships in Petzen-Jamnica

Pizza Jamnica, SloveniaAnd the June 21 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – Round 2 of the EWS Petzen-Jamnica Mountain Bike Race is officially available in the books! Monster Energy congratulates the 28-year-old team rider Jack Muir from Morissette Park, Australia Third place in the Enduro World Series Round 2 Championships in Petzen-Jamnica. The defending champion proved he remains a dominant threat on the podium after returning from an off-season rehab of the shoulders and missing out on second place behind him. rude Richie Closes 1.09 seconds.

Considered one of the most challenging courses of the season, Petzen-Jamnica challenged the riders to an intense five-stage course. The normal course stretches for nearly 25 miles, and features a 3,000-foot incline as the toughest test of the season to date.

Under blue skies and in sweltering heat, the circuit’s best riders walked the Slovenian track lined with roots and narrow forest sections that left no room for error. Monster Energy’s Moir is known as one of the most meticulous riders on the circuit, as he became the EWS Champion. Still, the decorated contestant recovering from off-season shoulder surgery, faced an additional challenge.

When the dust settled, Muir finished the race with a total time of 0:38:11.92 in third place Canada Jesse Melamed claim to win. On the Pro stage, Moir finished second with a time of 13:12.270 in the finish stage overall strong in his first race after recovering.

“It’s been a tough season and first race, so I’m happy to be back on the podium,” said Monster Energy’s Muir. “I’m still a bit rusty and lacking in race fitness, so I hope to keep making improvements throughout the year.” 3rd place in EWS Round 2.

What’s next in EWS? Stay connected as the series heads to EWS Val di Fassa Trentino In the Italian Dolomites for round three, the EWS racers will return to the event next week.

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