NFL analyst predicts season breakout for Dallas Cowboys defender

Dallas The work that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has done with the Dallas Cowboys is impressive. Quinn instilled confidence in a unit that was sorely lacking before his arrival in the Lone Star State.

Micah Parsons grabs all the headlines — and rightfully so. However, it is more than just that.

Trevon Diggs emerged as a high school killer. He earned first-team honors in All-Pro with the Parsons. DeMarcus Lawrence is good as in the end. Jayron Kearse played a big role last season and seems like a perfect fit for Quinn.

Rising defensive line man Ossa Odigizwa is another talent that gets a lot of people excited. Odighizuwa demonstrated a lot of potential as a rookie and characters to be an essential part of the Cowboys’ defense going forward.

Athletic tabs on Odighizuwa as a must-watch standout player.

NFL Analyst Nate Tice is all on board the Odighizuwa Hype. Tice identified potential breakout players for The Athletic. Dallas defensive tackle included for the second year.

For Odighizuwa, fellow rookie and teammate Micah Parsons deserves all the headlines, but Odighizuwa contributed to a surprisingly strong Cowboys defense and passing dash as a rookie,” Tice wrote. Odigiswa’s acceleration rate (9.1 per cent) was behind players like Cameron Jordan and Dremont Jones and above Jeffrey Simmons’ 8.6 per cent.”

The former UCLA distinction demonstrated the ability to be a team-maker for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s been strong against running, while also showing some upside as a midfield quarterback.

“Although Odighizuwa does not have the perfect size, he does cause a running turmoil. He scored four TFLs last season, which tied for 28th place among the linebackers.” Tice would need to disable him if the Cowboys’ aggressive defense who thrives on big plays hopes to get closer to his production in 2021.”

Dallas has a chance to continue improving their strong defensive performance in 2021. Osa Odighizuwa will play an important role in how well the unit will perform in 2022.

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