Robert Cannon looks to build BHS Girls’ Golf from the ground up | local sport

The Brunswick High Lady Pirates golf team hired Robert Cannon of Needwood to move the program in the right direction.

Having played golf in high school in Wayne County, Cannon knows what it means to have hands-on experience helping Lady Pirates golfers.

“The most important thing I had to work on was just the basics of the game,” Cannon said. “Trying to improve their stroke performance and how to improve their shots is one thing. I really work on the mechanics and throwing, but I think the biggest thing up front is working in small camps but also the basics of how to limit strokes.

“I was telling someone in the course the other day, this is the most important thing for people, and at a younger age it gets overlooked are the little details that can add strikes, like penalties, moving the ball, and now tag them correctly. How to drop, and where to fall.”

Cannon takes on a program like Brunswick’s and is fully prepared for hands-on training during his first year so the girls are ready to not miss out on the course’s strokes.

“The biggest goal of the first year is for some of these little girls who don’t know how to play and it will be to try to teach them how not to lose strokes and then move on from there,” Cannon said. “I think he will work on the basics every day and the little camps in their short games, forming shots, and really just touching the ball. That will be one of those things that we will work on.”

When interviewing for the job, Cannon talked about golf’s mental fortitude and moving on to the next shot rather than resenting the previous one.

“I’ve seen a lot of good golfers burn out at a young age,” Cannon said. “I was saying to some one day that I was playing, and I said listen, ‘You’ll never be better than me, you’ll never be worse than me.'” You can only be better or worse than yourself. Your game has nothing to do with what I do. 100 percent on you. So maintain that mental fortitude and keep your strength and move forward and overcome stupid mistakes.”

Cannon had not originally planned to become a coach, even when he was asked when he was a college student when he would take up the program when he entered the world of education. The eighth grade physical sciences teacher took charge of the softball and boys soccer programs.

“During my undergraduate studies, he would always ask me where I would be training, and would say I wasn’t just going to teach,” Cannon said. “I found myself in the coaching world, coaching soccer and softball, and that just takes time. In the year that the BHS team won, not bragging but frankly, over GA in soccer, 90 percent of those kids came from Needwood and it was four years Of all the stars on one team he was the one who crushed (Enrique) Power and hammered him to the super team.”

Knowing what it takes to build a middle school-wide program, Cannon is ready to build the Lady Pirates golf team from the ground up.

“Ultimately once you start making improvements, and you start to see growth, you start to see gains, and then you start to see gains,” Cannon said. “When people start to see that they are more able to come in and be more connected to what you have to say when you can show that you can get things done, the athletes follow suit from there.

“I have a lot of softball girls with the natural mechanics of a swing that I’m going to try out on the golf course, there are two of them out there with me this year and a couple at BHS who play golf, but they didn’t play on the team last year for whatever reason. I have other incredibly talented athletes. Natural and we’ll see if we can teach them the mechanics and move them forward. It’s really about getting societies back on the right track.”

The newest Pirates trainer is excited to bring as many Lady Pirates as possible to the Links.

“At the end of the day, whoever has the best records and best scorecards for nine holes every day is going to be the one who gets out and plays every day,” Cannon said. “I like to rotate constantly and have a strong eight to 10 squad and play (a group of) five and travel with that.”

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