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We sit down with Big Swing Golf CEO, Rob Oppedisano, to find out how you can track your every move just like Tiger Woods

Every golfer dreams of hitting the ball with ease and catching Tiger Woods.

Most of them, in fact, will want to use the same shiny new gear as the golf star, albeit poorly. However, even that wouldn’t be true at all because Tiger’s favorite clubs are tailored to his personal liking, not yours.

But what if we say that you can train the same way as a champ 15 times? What if, by chance, you could literally see your game as Tiger does by experiencing the most connected app in golf?

Well now you can.

Full Swing KIT – the same launch screen tested and approved by Tiger himself – is now made for everyone. Marketed as “the most powerful shooting experience in golf,” this compact and durable device lets you transform your entire range session. Identify and rank the data points that matter to you across all your devices – including your smartphone, iPad, and smartwatch. Look at scatter plots, averages, and trends and see improvement over time. You can even send a video to your teacher for remote lessons or share your best swings on social media to really rub it in with your friends.

Available via Drummond Golf for $7,999—a fraction of the cost of comparable launch control products on the market—Big Swing Golf CEO Rob Oppedisano believes the Full Swing KIT will change the game for golfers across the country. Sit with us to reveal why ▶ ▶ ▶

Australian Golf Digest: The launch screen market is full of options. Why Full Swing KIT?

Rob Obedesano: There are certainly options in the market now. It’s only been a few years where you had two choices and needed tens of thousands of dollars to get a good launch screen. Of course, these two options gave great results and were category leaders, but suppliers have taken note and are now offering alternatives. The difference with the Full Swing KIT is that you get the best technology, but for less than a third of the cost. I won’t turn off all the features, but some of them include dual Doppler radar, 4K swing video playback, 16 data points measured in each shot, up to five hours of battery life, and indoor/outdoor capability. Her party piece is the best across the board without costing the earth.

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What are some of the key features golfers should look for when purchasing a portable launch screen?

Make sure it fits your needs. If you want to measure a particular piece of data, make sure it captures it. If you want him to record a rocking video for training purposes, make sure he has it. If you plan to use it for long periods outdoors, make sure the battery life is adequate.

If you want to impress your mates in your garage at home, make sure he has the ability to play indoors. Also, make sure it’s easy to use – if you plan on using it a lot, you should have a good user interface to ensure that you enjoy using it every time. Keep in mind that typical launch screens used by tour professionals come at a hefty price to average golfers.

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How did Full Swing KIT manage to inject so much technology into their offerings at this price?

It all started when Tiger Woods commissioned Full Swing to build the launch screen he really trusted. Full Swing chased after someone who worked on NASA’s radar technology and together they took apart the best launch screens in the industry to get a look inside. Then they knew they could disable the class and build something better for a fraction of the cost. Full Swing has worked with technology for decades, so it’s worked out how to cost-effectively build and package a product, and this is the first time Full Swing has done this with a launch screen.

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As far as ambassadors go, they are no older than Tiger Woods. How were his notes on the new Full Swing KIT?

First, let me take a step back. In 2018, I went to the United States to visit the headquarters of Full Swing. It was shown on a launch screen that will be on the market in early 2020. Remembering that Tiger Woods commissioned Full Swing to build a launch screen for it, Tiger tested and provided feedback, frequently, until he was happy with the product that came nearly two years after the expected launch date. For those who know Tiger’s philosophy on product innovation, they will know how thoroughly he does before he is happy to use something. Readers of this magazine may have seen photos of Tiger addressing a ball at the range using a Full Swing KIT – it’s part of his training routine now and it’s hard to see without it. You know what they say, if that’s good enough for Tiger, it’s…

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Good enough for us?


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With that said, what potential do you see in this product and what can Australians expect?

I would expect every roving pro and elite aficionado to consider investing in a full swing set. And if they aren’t, Google will be clicked to find the closest coach using them. Previously it was the domain of top tour professionals or elite coaches with access to technology like this. But it is now at a level where it is a tool of the trade. On the other hand, given how easy KIT is to use, I also expect data-driven amateur golfers to take advantage of it to take their golfing to the next level. If you think about how many people are now using a rangefinder to find shot distances – imagine if you knew exactly how far you hit each club in your bag, and what difference it would make to matching the correct hitting with the correct shooting distance.

A lot of hype has been made in recent years about hitting the ball farther and how it makes the game easier for those talented with height. If you’re working on the swing and trying to increase your racket head speed or launch angle or reduce spin, you’ll need the instant feedback from the Full Swing KIT to build that change into your muscle memory.

• KIT can be purchased at your local Drummond Golf store or online at For more information, visit

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