To keep the greens cool, employees at Elbel Park Golf Course work to keep golfers safe in extreme temperatures

It’s officially summer and yet it brings an increase in outdoor activities for many, including golf. Golf is a time consuming activity. 18 piercings usually last about four hours, so it’s important to keep calm while you’re outside.

According to sports scientists at Sanford Health, golfers can help prevent heat-related illnesses on the course by having early playing times, reducing their intensity, seeking shade when possible, wearing light-colored clothing, staying hydrated and using a golf cart. The staff at Elbel Park works to make sure staff and players stay hydrated, cool and protected by offering sunscreen, water and clean golf carts — all of which are especially important on hot days, which don’t slow down business, says manager, Gary Hegland.

“So we keep hydrated, we take a lot of breaks, and of course we make sure that all of our players stay hydrated and that things are going really well,” Hegeland said. “It’s amazing that so many people love the heat. But you know floppy hats, body lotion, and plenty of water golf time.”

Golfers who spend long hours on the course are at risk of developing heat illness and should always play with caution.

It’s something to play in the heat but work is another story. I rode with a player assistant at the Elbel Park Golf Course in South Bend to see the work that makes golfers comfortable.

A sunny day like today is perfect weather for golfing even if the temperatures are near triple figures, people are still working on the long ride. It is important for those who go out to feel comfortable in this heat.

“I just want to make sure everyone is having a good time and not have to worry about anything.”

Patrick Smith is a player assistant at Elbel Park. In addition to cleaning the wagons and disinfecting the driveway, he ensures the comfort of the guests in these high temperatures, cooling them with some water.

Smith doesn’t mind the heat as long as there’s a gentle breeze. Ex-teacher – Enjoys helping others, spends his favorite days any day he can make people feel better.

“Really any day I can help people have a good time. Any day I can be of service to someone, I make things better,” Smith said. Especially after a long career, in spending their time abroad. But maybe they don’t have the ability to walk 10 hours a day, they only want to golf for 3 to 4 hours which is a good opportunity for them. I would just like to be able to help them do that.”

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