Two reasons why the Tennessee Titans’ offensive line deserves more optimism

It’s fair to have some doubts about the Tennessee Titans’ offensive line, but it’s not smart to focus solely on the downside.

There are questions that need to be addressed, especially at the left guard as the team appears content to allow Aaron Brewer and Jamarco Jones to compete for the first job. Whether or not that reflects the Titans’ decision to let Juno Smith walk without his replacement remains to be seen.

However, once you get past the offensive line, you will have some reasons to be optimistic about the fans. In fact, there are two main reasons why fans should have moderate expectations.

For some reason, PFF David Quessenberry used it as a somewhat successful right intervention last year although fans should know better. Instead of getting into a discussion about whether or not these numbers are worth paying attention to, I haven’t included Dillon Radones in this article.

Instead, I wanted to focus on Taylor Lewan and Nate Davis.

The Tennessee Titans’ offensive line should be healthier

Like Bud Dupree, Taylor Lewan must fully recover from the ACL tear that kept him out for most of the 2020 season.

While on the field last year, he was frequently in and out of the squad, and even when he was on the field he wasn’t looking very good. There are times when players can fully recover in one season, but often times it takes over 18 months to get back to full normal.

Liyuan finished the year strong and began to approach what he had shown a few years ago. His health has been a huge talking point for years, and a full 17-game season will make a huge difference in how teams and fans perceive him.

The thing that hasn’t been raised enough this past year has been proper guard Nate Davis going from almost making the Pro Bowl to looking over-the-top at times. It turns out that Davis actually contracted COVID twice last year, which should explain why he didn’t appear to be in the best shape.

With both players having a mini-camp last week and looking like they’re at 100%, that means the Giants should get a little more left tackle and a right keeper this year. Continuity in position and promotion in the right tackle, this means that the team is only once a left keeper away from a very good attacking line.

Time will tell if a guard can win that spot and if everyone else can prepare in time for the season, but if they can make it through, there could be anything but gloom and gloom for the Tennessee Titans streak this year.

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