UVET American Express Global Business Travel

Company Profile

key people

Luca Patani, President of UVET GBT
Enrico Rovelli, CEO, UVET GBT
Paul Abbott, CEO of Amex GBT
Drew Crowley, Commercial Director, Amex GBT
Jason Gill, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, Amex GBT
Mark Holyhead, President of Egencia

Key Industry Sectors

Technology, communications, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government, retail, utilities, energy, mining, marine, consulting, insurance, automotive, media and entertainment

Other services

Consulting and business process outsourcing and optimization services. Comprehensive meeting and event services including sourcing, planning, production, contract negotiations, budgeting, expense management, reporting and standard setting

Transactions are handled online

74% (Amex GBT), 90% (Egencia)

office locations

Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Treviso, Florence, Agrat Brianza. Global Headquarters: London and other main offices include New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Madrid, Phoenix Arizona, Seattle, Chicago, Mexico City, Toronto, Sydney, Singapore and Bangalore

Association and Network Membership


full time employees

16500 (Amex GBT, globally)


Amadeus, Saber, Travelport

Online booking tools

Amadeus cytric, GetThere, Serko, SAP Concur, Traveldoo, Neo (proprietary), Egencia, Deem, Argo, GBT Automated Booking Manager

Expense management tools

Certificate, Chrome River, Expensify, SAP Concur, Traveldoo, Neo (proprietary), Neo1 (proprietary). Egencia provides an account API to integrate with third-party account tools

Other techniques

Air Re-shop Expert Reshop Tool AirTrack Expert Unused E-Ticket Management Amex GBT Mobile App Trip Proper Customizer Tool Pre-Trip Auditor Expert Care Travel Downtime Management The Global Travel Platform Dedicated to GBT Account, Sustainability Green Compass Platform Hotel Re-Shop Expert Re-shop Tool Automated Peer Travel Insights (PTI) Software Benchmarking Tool Premier Insights Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Tool Travel Vitals Covid and Safety Information Resource Center Virtual Payment Expert Solution Reserve workspaces for a flexible day Work and meeting spaces for individuals and small teams. The Egencia platform is integrated with third-party travel risk management solutions such as International SOS, Crisis24, Drum Cussac, WorldAware and Anvil as well as third-party data integration such as PredictX and Palantir.

NDC content

GBT delivers NDC content via GDS’s connection with GBT’s Supply Marketplace. Booking is possible in GBT’s Neo travel solution and offline via our travel advisors.

Major innovations in 2021

Launching the Green Compass sustainability platform and collaborating with CVENT to standardize the RFP process to gather information on the sustainability of suppliers and DE&I programmes. Egencia has launched a new set of APIs for third-party developers and customers. It also launched the air versus rail shopping policy and the dynamic hotel price travel policy.

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