West Ham jump ahead of many others in targeting Chelsea striker Armando Bruga

Armando Bruga has had…well…a season on loan at Southampton, with nine goals to his name in all competitions, but given his age (he turns 21 in September) and his playing that goes beyond goals and assists at the highest level, no He’s still attracting a lot of attention in the transfer market, and rightfully so. Southampton knew that would happen too, which is why they tried to push the transfer from January, but we turned them down at the time, and now there is a lot of competition in favor of the academy product.

Of course, all this is assuming we’ll consider letting him go, which seems far from certain, especially if Romelu Lukaku leaves, which seems almost certain. But if we let the Bruges go, that would be unwise – or if he really wanted to leave, which is sad – there would be no shortage of suitors to sign him.

West Ham United appear to be leading the pack, which may or may not be preparing for a £25-30m bid rumored to be ready for two months now. Gianluca Di Marzio (not sure why he led this rumor) claims that negotiations are “underway” but no agreement has been reached and in fact “not soon”. It seems that those negotiations are not taking place at all.

Sources closer to home indicate a more accurate observation, which is probably closer to the actual truth of the situation.

Aside from West Ham, Borussia has been linked with the likes of Nottingham Forest (£35m), Everton (Super Frankie Lampard loved by Chelsea prospects; see also: Conor Gallagher, Billy Gilmore), Newcastle (connect with everyone these days), as well as Inter Milan And Naples, why not. There is a growing exhibition of Chelsea in the Italian league already.

All that said, even if Broja ends up leaving Chelsea this summer, whether on loan for the third time, or forever for the first time, that is unlikely to happen before the start of the season – because we appear to be moving relatively slowly in the market, and also because Thomas Tuchel clearly wants a quick assessment at least. That doesn’t guarantee us a positive result, but given our strong disapproval of Southampton earlier this year, it doesn’t look like we’re all (easily) ready to part with Broja just yet.

(Also, let’s not do any favors to any competitor, big or small, Todd.)

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