8 Huge Ways to Save on a Bachelorette or Bachelorette Party

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Whether you’re in charge of planning a stag or stag party for someone you love, or you’re trying to plan your own, one thing remains true: costs add up quickly.

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It’s hard to decide what to brag about and where to save when you’re planning something that’s supposed to be a wild, once-in-a-lifetime party. The truth is that you don’t have to spend money to have a good time, or to make sure it is unforgettable. There are plenty of affordable options that will keep guests entertained.

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1. Start planning as soon as possible

Oftentimes, additional costs come from last minute purchases and reservations. Try to plan as much as you can at least three months in advance and prepay for activities. This way, you’ll have a clear itinerary for your guests, and you’ll be able to check if everyone in attendance is comfortable splitting the cost well before the night of the party.

2. Stay local

Paying for travel and hotels for your party can add hundreds of dollars to your price tag. You can save money instantly by keeping it nearby and planning it for just one night, rather than spending an entire weekend on it. You can even come a short drive and split the cost of the party bus among the attendees, which will probably still be cheaper than getting a plane ticket and a hotel for the night, but add a festive feel.

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3. If you travel, look for packages

Traveling for the big party shouldn’t be out of the question. Sites like Expedia, Priceline, and Travelocity offer bundled prices that can bring you huge savings. You often combine car rental, travel, and hotel stays which gives you a percentage of all of these costs separately. There may also be group discounts that you can extend to the rest of the group to reduce the cost.

4. Or consider dividing a house

Another way to help lower costs for all attendees is to search Airbnb or VRBO to see which homes are available for all of you to stay in. It can be split among guests, and often costs less than a hotel, plus you can plan to spend more time at home and lower your cover and group fees at restaurants and bars. This also helps keep the cost of food and drinks lower, as you can buy them at the store and bring them home instead of going out.

5. Traveling during the off season

Try to avoid going to a destination in the height of its tourist season. Hotels and airline tickets will be at an all-time high. Instead, try to plan for a time when there are fewer travelers. Better yet, aim for a weekday trip, rather than cramming everything into the weekend. This also ensures that there will be fewer crowds for your trip, so the focus can be on the bachelor or the bachelorette.

6. Find free activities

If you live near the beach, take advantage of the sun and sand and plan to spend some of the day lounging. There is no entrance fee and people can even bring whatever they like to drink to reduce the overall cost of food and drink. There may also be great festivals or other free events that you can go to as a group without having to pay a huge group cost.

7. Find Groupon for deals

Groupon often offers deep discounts on local activities that can save you a lot and help the party stay affordable. Discounted activities include outings such as bowling, karting, paintball, and going to local amusement parks. You can also strike deals for local restaurants and bars that often come in at 50% off the original price.

8. For games and decorations, find free content on the Internet

Decorations and toys are part of the package when it comes to bachelorette parties, and you can find plenty of them for free online. You can check out Pinterest for free decorations and games that you can print out and provide to guests. If you’re especially savvy, you can make the toys and decorations yourself, making it even more special for the event.

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