All signs point to a low-goal game at Wrigley Field, as well as the New York Rangers being considered an underdog at home.

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I also hope that Phillies manager Joe Girardi can find some joy in his life outside of work, because business is not going well. The Phillies lost five consecutive times to go down to 21-29, 12.5 games behind the Mets in the NL East. It’s never a good idea to have 10 matches or more at number one on the first day of June (although Braves fans will point out how they got off to a slow start last year before winning the World Championship).

Back to Girardi: If the Velez are going to change things up, they’d better do it soon. as such Our RJ Anderson went today, Gerardi in the most important managerial seat in baseballAnd no one would be surprised if the Feliz made a change soon. In fact, while RJ is advancing in his hot seat rankings, NL East is a hotbed of hot seats, with Girardi being one of three managers in the division who could be teetering on the edge of the unemployment streak.

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hot ticket

Brewers at CAPS, 8:05 p.m. | Television: MLB.TV

Latest possibilities:

Under 8 years old

  • main trend: There are no trends to support this, but that’s fine because we have the science on our side.
  • Hook: less than 8 (-105)

Summer has arrived in Chicago, and that means it’s even more fun to bet on Cubs Games at Wrigley Field. With the sun setting and temperatures in the 80s, these teams came together for 32 rounds in three matches. Well, the sun is gone, and so are the 80-degree temperatures. Tonight’s forecast — and the time of day affects the park as much as the weather — has temperatures low in the 60s, highs in the 50s with moderate winds blowing from the right field.

These are the conditions that lead to lower-point games at Wrigley Field. Balls that went up 450 feet yesterday suddenly die within 20 feet of the warning track today.

Tonight’s ad-show match plays a bit in our favour, too. Kyle Hendricks is giving up more aggressive friction, and is still doing a decent job keeping the ball on the ground. Milwaukee calls up 29-year-old Jason Alexander—not the guy from “Seinfeld”—to make his MLB debut, but his Minors numbers show he doesn’t get much hits, doesn’t walk the guys much, and gets a lot of contact with the ball. floor. Both teams will need to link strikes together to score points, which is much more difficult in tonight’s weather conditions.

Here’s what SportsLine has to say about the game: The projection model disagrees with me about the night total, as it does the job, but the projection model only believes in numbers. She doesn’t have enough respect for the meteorologist! The good news is, if you don’t want to watch us fight, it has a respectable impact on the money streak as well.



Reds at Red Sox, 7:10 p.m. | Television: MLB.TV

Latest possibilities:

Cincinnati Reds +180

Selection: Reds (+180) – The Cincinnati Reds seem to be the bad team we’re betting the most on this year because they are often underrated and undervalued given how awful they are.

Starting tonight with Cincinnati, Hunter Greene is a promising newbie with electric things. The kind of thing he hasn’t figured out how to tame – his 11.8% walk rate will tell you – but that leads to a lot of ups and downs – as his 27.6% strike rate shows.

He’s facing Garrett Whitlock, who has been stellar since moving into duty in late April. However, Whitlock is not late in the game. He fought six rounds on his last start against Baltimore, but it’s the only time he’s had a deep game this season. His previous six starts averaged 3.3 runs each. We can see a lot more of the Boston Bulls tonight, which will increase Cincinnati’s odds of winning.

main trendThe Reds are 4-1 in their last five games as underdogs.


Lightning at Rangers, 8 p.m. | TV: ESPN

Latest possibilities:

New York Rangers +110

Choice: Rangers (+110) – I don’t often include the NHL in this newsletter because, while I bet it, I don’t follow the sport as closely as I do others. All hockey plays are just a numbers game for me. I have a system that sometimes says, “Hey, stupid, that’s a good bet tonight if you want to make it.” Then I make that bet. I don’t dig any more.

Be prepared for a lot of “explanations” that are not explanations of choices at all. I might just write about how my day is going. Today is going well, thank you for the question. Hopefully things go better with the Rangers winning, as the numbers suggest they are undervalued on their home ground against two-time Stanley Cup champion Lightning.

main trendRangers have won four of the past five matches.

🔒 Sports day selection: If you’re looking to get a head start on the NBA Finals, SportsLine’s Zach Cimini has been crushing the Celtics all season, and was already picked for Game 1 Thursday night.

🏌 The Top Ten Monument

We stayed great with our golf gear last week, as Sam Burns and Mito Pereira finished in the top ten for a profitable week. Hell, Burns won the championship straight away. Let’s see if we can keep racing this week.

  • (+225) Shane Laurie
  • Joaquin Niemann (+350)
  • The Legend of Pereira (+400)
  • (+420) Corey Conners
  • Daniel Berger (+450)

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