Conor Sherry: 2021-22 season review

Conor Sheary has an undeniable offensive touch, but he will need a boost to continue reaching goal-scoring heights.

in numbers

71 Matches played
15.3 Snowboard time for each game
19 Objectives
24 helps
50.0 Shoot attempts ratio 5 out of 5
49.3 5-on-5 expected target ratio
48.8 Target ratio 5 out of 5

Visualization by HockeyViz

ABOUT THIS VIEWING: This infographic series by Micah Blake McCurdy of shows a lot of information for the player during the season. Brief description of each graph:

  • Most popular teammates over 5 out of 5
  • Ice time for each game, broken down by game state
  • Adjusted 5-on-5 shot attempts by team (black) and opponents (red)
  • 5 out of 5 shot ratio by team (black) and opponents (red)
  • Individual scoring events by player
  • Modified offensive 5-on-5 (black) and defensive (red) zones begin

Fan happiness survey

On this perception: Three times during the season, RMNB shared an open poll with fans, asking each player the following question:

On a scale of 1 to 5, how happy are you to have this player on the team?

1 means he’s not very satisfied with having them on the team
2 means unhappy
3 Means “Neither Happy nor Unhappy”
4 means HAPPY
5 means it’s a pleasure to be on the team

The numbers above show the average player scores in each survey period.

take Peter

Conor Sherry’s career high scored 23 goals in 2016-2017, when he took spells with Sidney Crosby. Half a decade later and with fewer Crosby buddies, Sheary has set 19 goals in a mid-six mission. He pulled 16 penalties while committing only seven, and had a higher point average than any full-time cap except Ovechkin.

And he did all of that despite being 5’8″.

OK, I admit we go for “he’s short” a lot, but it’s curious that a player physically different from Protasis and Wilson in the league could still be a killer in attack.

Although that doesn’t mean Sheary is a particularly efficient engine to play. HockeyViz considers its effect on both sides of the ice as negative (more opponent’s shot risk, less capitals shot risk). And Chery’s most common companions seem to have better control of the puck (see shot attempt percentages below) when not paired up with it.

(This back row is rather interesting.)

I’m not sure what the correct role is for Sherry. I know he is not a suitable full-time wing of the Ovechkin line. It also won’t grind. But he is an interesting player with obvious talent, and I hope the capital team will get more value from his final season on his contract.

According to Orson Welles

You know it may be just humble glory—this waning giant, this epic monk, this merry, this great whisper of affirmation—that we choose, when all our cities are dust, to bear witness to what we have in us to accomplish.

scissors on RMNB

Your turn

What streak do you want Sherry on, and how many goals do you expect from him next season?

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