San Francisco 49ers tight end joined George Keitel Busin with the boys This week’s podcast, joined by Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Both are in Tennessee for Kettle Tight End University. Allen is among the many midfielders on hand to throw soccer balls to the wide range of tight ends.During the lengthy conversation on the Barstool Sports podcast, the topic of fan rules came up. Allen played against Bills Mafia throughout his career, while Kittle was among The Faithful. The two groups create a completely different atmosphere that harkens back to his game days, leading Keitel to think about his college playing days in Iowa.

Kittle seemed in awe of Buffalo fans, who are eager to show their support for the Bills at every opportunity, even in the bitterly cold weather.

“I get chills thinking about it,” Allen commented. “…She is very special.”

Keitel Allen asked about the days leading up to the match and the atmosphere in the area.

“There is energy,” Allen replied.

The 49ers loved hearing that, which led him to consider his own NFL experience playing in Santa Clara.
“Santa Clara, we’re going to have fans and stuff outside of games, when you leave rehearsals and stuff like that,” Kittle said. “When we’re in San Francisco, sure, there’s a buzz in San Francisco. But where we live is a little different. We’re in the heart of Silicon Valley. A lot of people don’t really care about the Niners. They don’t care about football. A lot of people don’t know. Even what’s there.”The 49ers played on the southern border of San Francisco when the team’s home ground was Candlestick Park. The Niners moved to Levi’s Stadium in 2014.

The 49ers drafted Kittle in 2017, so he’s never experienced playing games near the heart of San Francisco. However, in Iowa, I love the area’s passion for soccer and hockey.

“When you get into a big game, game night, starting on Wednesday, you’ll just see the Iowa football jerseys going up and down the streets, everyone drinking on the streets, ready to kick off. Then, when you enter the stadium, like on Saturday afternoon—everyone is there. There are more people outside than inside. I don’t know. I think football should be. But that’s what I imagine Buffalo is.”

Allen added that Sundays in Buffalo are for billing, noting that the atmosphere in the area is similar to what the 49ers of his team described as his team experience.

“That’s cool,” Keitel replied.