Islanders: 5 Scott Mayfield Business Destinations

The New York Islanders are looking forward to touring this season, as well as a handful of big moves to bounce back after the rough 2021-22 season. One of the moves General Manager (GM) Lou Lamoriello is looking to make is the hockey trade, perhaps replacing one of the rookies on the current squad for another player to help meet a specific need.

Scott Mayfield is the perfect defensive man for Lamorillo to move off the season, especially in the one-on-one trade type. Many teams will be looking to upgrade their defense with a proven veteran and, as a result, may be interested in acquiring Mayfield.

Mayfield has been a reliable right-sided defensive player for the past eight seasons with the Islanders. Even in a season that was cut short with a lower body injury, he contributed 2.8 arrows of defensive points and 109 blocked shots as a reliable defensive man for the second pairing. Ideally, the islanders would keep Mayfield on the roster, but playing in the final year of a five-year contract, the team could look to take him out of the season.

The ideal trade destination would be St. Louis Blues. Mayfield grew up in the city, and would return home to a team that would likely end his career with him. With the islanders wanting to add their top six strikers, and the Blues owning a handful of skaters – including Vladimir Tarasenko, who was linked with off-trading last season – the two teams could easily make a deal involving the veteran defender.

The question for the Blues will be where Mayfield fits in defense and whether he puts Unity ahead. The Blues already have Justin Falk and Colton Paraiko on the right side of their defence, and last season they had two fantastic duos that propelled them to a record third best in the Central Division. However, the team struggled in the playoffs when some defensemen were knocked out due to injuries and the unit collapsed against the Colorado Avalanche in the second round, causing the team to lose the group in six games. Mayfield will not only add depth to the unit, but also potentially become a fantastic duo playing alongside Marco Scandella, potentially giving the team one of the best defenses in the league.

Vegas Golden Nights

The Vegas Golden Knights are already making moves to open up a salary cap, as they trade Evgeny Dadonov for the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Shea Webber, who will be placed in the injured reserve. The Golden Knights will continue to try to open up space for cover, but at the same time the team will start with everything next season. They are hoping to win the Stanley Cup after having star players like Mark Stone and Jack Eichel in recent seasons and the front office will be taking the necessary steps to do so.

Golden Knights have a great defense when they’re healthy, but adding Mayfield can oddly enough provide much-needed youth for an old age defense. The defense is led by Alec Martinez, Alex Petrangelo and Brayden McNabb, all of whom are 30 and older. The 29-year-old defenseman would not only add to the defensive end of the ice, but also help prevent opponents from wounding the Golden Knights in a hurry. The islanders could replace Mayfield with a striker like Max Pasurietti, who earns $7 million next season, making the deal potentially win-win.

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild is entering the holiday season with a tough salary cap. While the talent on the roster is undisputed, there is little front office space to improve the roster and, as a result, the team can look into making a deal involving a player on their current roster. Wild went 53-22-7 and finished the regular season with the second-best record in the Central Division, but the defense struggled, allowing 3.04 goals per game and five goals in each of his last three first-round games. The blues. As a result, Mayfield could be the perfect addition to a team looking to win the Stanley Cup.

The islanders would like to get Kevin Fiala, star striker and a restricted free agent, in exchange for Mayfield. However, given a salary cap, they would not accept a contract in the trade instead, but rather have draft prospects or choices. Furthermore, with Matthew Domba and Jared Spurgeon already playing on the right side of defence, Wild may look to tackle defensive issues elsewhere. However, Mayfield will complement the defense and provide stability to the second or third pair. Given the impact it could have on the unit, Wild, who already looks like a Stanley Cup contender, would look like one of the best teams in the league.

Edmonton Oilers

For the first time in the Conor MacDavid era, the Edmonton Oilers put together a contender for the cup, reaching the Western Conference Final. The team had a great season, fueled by one of the best offenses in the league. The defense suffered, allowing 3.06 goals per game, and ultimately their downfall was to an avalanche as they allowed 22 goals in a four-game sweep. The main problem Oilers must tackle is the pursuit of a goal with Mikko Koskinen already leaving for Switzerland and Mike Smith unlikely to return next season either. However, the team will still be looking for an addition to the defense, a unit that has notably allowed Avalanche to find open shots as desired in the short chain.

Oilers already have major contributors to the defensive unit including Darnell Nurse, Duncan Keith and Evan Bouchard. There are questions on the right side of the unit, and if Tyson Barrie is the best choice as a second pairing. Mayfield would significantly upgrade the unit as a pure defensive man and, as a result, leave the team with fewer weaknesses.

The question for the islanders is who will get it versus a defensive man like Mayfield, considering the Oilers’ heavier forward unit. Jesse Bolgojarvi and Kyler Yamamoto are both obtainable free agents, but the islanders will likely be looking for more players in a move considering Mayfield’s production as a defensive man. Ultimately, the Oilers will benefit greatly from buying it but will have to pay a hefty price or part of a huge deal.

Pittsburgh penguins

At first glance, the Pittsburgh Penguins seem like the team that islanders would avoid making a deal in the off-season. After all, both teams are in the Metropolitan Division and compete against each other every season. However, the islanders can not only help their division rival by sending Mayfield there in the off-season, they can also strike a deal that upgrades their existing roster. The Penguins are entering the off-season with a few important players entering free agency including Evgeni Malkin, Evan Rodrigues and Kris Letang and as a result, they could make major changes to the roster.

With all the contracts the penguins will have to deal with, Letang, who the team hopes to secure a long-term deal with, may leave the team in free agency, leaving a huge void in the right side of defence. Mayfield will not provide the same spark from the point as Letang. But it will allow the team to retain one of the best defenses in the league, a unit that has allowed only 2.71 goals per game this season. Islanders won’t be able to get one of the best penguins attackers like Sidney Crosby, Brian Rust or Jake Guentzel. However, they will likely add a midfield striker to bolster an attack that has struggled all season.

Other possible destinations for Mayfield

The islanders can make a one-to-one deal involving Mayfield, however, it’s also possible that Lamoreello will be looking to make a huge type of trade for a star player. As a result, Mayfield could be part of a deal with the Chicago Blackhawks to acquire Patrick Kane or Alex DeBrincat. Likewise, the islanders could replace the veteran defender to the Seattle Kraken to get Jordan Eberle, a forward who missed the team this season in their offensive.

Islanders will likely keep Mayfield on their roster for next season, especially if the team is looking to rebound and compete for the Stanley Cup. However, the islanders have options to move the veteran defenseman as part of the subsequent removal process.

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