Local Rothbury describes a ‘nightmare’ of traffic during the Electric Forest Festival

The festival, which has returned after an epidemic hiatus, said it has offered intermittent arrival times this year to ease congestion.

ROTHBERRY, MI – Tens of thousands of people were expected to descend on the village of Rothbury this week.

On the first day of the 2022 Electric Jungle Music Festival—the site opened daily early this year, in part, to ease crowding, some locals voiced their own concerns and turned to 13 on your side for answers.

“The first thing people say is then move on… This is where I live, you know?”

It’s where she’s lived for ten years now, giving Patricia Day a front-row seat for what she calls the “mess” of festival week in Rothbury Village.

Like the movement of a clock, she says that incoming traffic passes near her front door.

“We can’t go to the local gas station and we can’t go to the local stores,” Relevant Day. “Basically I’m sitting in my house, you know. We can hear music and fireworks. I have woods camping in the front lawn…Sometimes, even if I’m trying to pull back and say something, we’ve been trap-wrapped, thrown out, cans thrown at us “.

A pre-recorded message on the festival community’s hotline ran for minutes about what locals should expect in terms of traffic volume on any given day.

“It’s a medium-sized town that comes alive out there, and getting all these people in and then back in is a huge task,” explained Doug Rossler, event manager for the village. “Obviously it is causing headaches for people in the area but I think in general their plans are working well.”

Electric Forest employs a traffic advisor who coordinates with state and local police.

A representative responded to a request for comment with the following statement:

“The festival works with traffic consultants to plan the easiest entry/exit possible. Each year EF uses the information shared with the festival by local residents, regional and state officials, event staff, etc. to continually improve and develop traffic plans. This year, EF has introduced cross-options. attendance date which greatly reduced the chance of increased traffic on local roads.”

Rossler said that despite the significant increase in panels out of state, concerns about whether congestion could affect emergency response times are unfounded.

“It’s like having a big party down the road, but we can’t quite walk the road to get to it when you’re in our area,” Relevant Day.

This is a sore spot.

Day said she and her family used to get free bracelets to deal with what she saw as an annual nuisance.

Many of its neighbors still do.

However, Day’s house and several other homes on the other side of the road were recently cut from the deal after Day said the boundary lines had shrunk.

The representative of the festival seemed to contradict this account:

“The residence limits eligible for free wristbands through the EF Neighbor Program have not changed over the past three or four events. Before that, the only changes that were made were to widen the limits a bit.”

13 On your side I contacted Neighbors for clarification but had not received a definitive response regarding Dai’s status by the time of publication.

Residents with concerns were asked to call the festival community hotline at (231) 333-4468 or email neighbors@electricforestfestival.com.

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