Paolo Banchero 2022 NBA Draft Poll Report: Why Duke PF Is A Candidate To Be Selected #1


Paulo Panchero started his career at Duke with 22 points and seven rebounds to no. 10 Kentucky ones that propelled him to the front-runner status as the first-choice in the 2022 NBA Draft. He finished his Duke career with 20 points and 10 plates versus North Carolina in the Final Four and retained his place as a legitimate contender to be the top pick of the year.

Banchero’s allure lies in its refinement. It’s a stunning offensive weapon that thrives on the medium range. He can create his own class in narrow windows and pull defenders, with a mixture of modern-day ingenuity and bewildering old age. It’s a smart cutter. Makes smart scroll readings. You can put him on the elbow and run your attack through, his fast tackle speed being a constant threat to defenses.

Banchero’s background was initially as a guard before being a double threat forward. He grew up playing a guard before hitting a six-inch growth spurt just before high school. He carried these lessons throughout high school and college, making him one of the best passers-by of his position in recent memory. When he grabs the board, he can run at break and go from coast to coast as if he were 6ft 4in.

Her shot from depth and defense at a high level are the only two factors preventing him from becoming one of the best prospects. He can drop 3 throws, but he only made 33.8% of them in Roosters. He can defend and hold out physically, but switching to the periphery and maintaining effort and focus has hit him or gone wrong at times in college.

Whoever bets on it bets on those who meet. There is no doubt that it will be a dynamic weapon of attack for years to come. Playmaking from short roll and mid-range scoring are two key elements of his game that will translate to the next level. If he can improve his outside shot and defense, he can become the most productive player in this year’s loaded class and a potential steal if he overtakes first place.

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We asked NBA scouts, given their complete anonymity, about their stance on Banchero.

“In a way it’s the kind that flew under the radar. If that’s at all possible with the potential out of Duke. You have a rhino with Chet and that shooter who takes control of the field with Jabari. Paulo is the best there is a half-court offensive gear. It’s about defense and if he can and wants to improve and what level he can get to. Can he play alongside him? Is Bamba the right one for him? His lack of height and his shot kind of fills a pigeon hole in 4 sometimes.”

Hear Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander analyze Banchero’s skills on the College Basketball podcast.

Banchero needs to know

strength point

  • A brilliant striker who can create an appearance for himself anywhere on the field. He has a back-to-basket game that was designed for the NBA and has the ability to defeat three-pointers

  • He grew up playing guard before hitting several growth spurts; His ability to create as a passer and playmaker stuck with him is a huge asset

  • advanced handle for 6-10 front; He can grab bounces and run a break

Weak points

  • The killer hitter is mid-range, but is fine as an outside threat to score. Can he improve his shot and consistently be a 3-point ground breaker?

  • Athletic fluid but not explosive; In his size he is not as menacing as 6-10 other players and he is not an edge protector in defense either

  • Defense intensity dwindles and dwindles within games. He needs to improve his focus on this end to become a serviceable defender.

Professional Comparison

College numbers to know: 33.8% shooter from 3-point range in Duke

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