Aaron Judge and Paul Goldschmidt lead in the latest MVP poll

The MVP Award Poll is back – and there’s a new #1 in both leagues.
While you can probably guess at these two new Top Player Leaders, a lot has changed since our last MVP poll at the beginning of June.
MLB.com voters were asked to rank the top five best player nominees in each league based on what has happened so far and what they expect to happen in the coming months. Players score voting points on a 5-4-3-2-1 scale – five points for a first-place vote, four points for a second-place vote and so on, with 50 voters participating. Here are the results. (All stats as of Wednesday. All odds are provided by DraftKings sports website and all probabilities are subject to change.)
A brutal knockout of judge knocked him out of Mike Trout and took him to #1 in the AL MVP Poll for the first time this season. Judge leads the Majors with 27 hits, 663 slowdowns and a 57-point lead. The 2017 AL MVP runner-up broke nine home grounds in June as the Yankees crossed the 50th winning mark.
Ramirez has been in the top three in all MVP polls to date, placing third in the last poll and second in the first poll. The three-time AL MVP Finalist fights .302 with 16 home runs and 62 league-leading RBI, and has 34 walks for just 20 strikes. Ramirez is the rock of the Guardians lineup as the Cleveland twins battle atop AL Central.
3. Mike Trout, CF, Angels (5 votes #1)
Trout topped both first polls – that’s no surprise, as he’s a three-times best player and nine times fifth in the top spot – but Judge and Ramírez made that in the top three. The Angels superstar has had 21 home runs and 1,025 OPS this season after returning eight times in a 10-game period from June 7-19.
Devers finished outside the top ten in the AL MVP vote in 2019 and 21, but he could do much better than that this year. The third baseman from the Red Sox came in the top five in our survey for the second time in a row. Devers leads the majors with 90 hits and an AL with 24 doubles, and he also hits .328 with 16 home runs.
Alvarez is the best hitter in the star-studded Astros lineup, and he’s looking forward to getting voted MVP for the first time in his career. The 24-year-old left-hander leads the Majors with 1,064 OPS, hitting 0.315 with 21 home points and 51 RBI for the AL West leaders. Alvarez is in the top five in the MVP poll for the first time this season, but probably not the last.
Others got votes: Shuhei Ohtani (3 first place votes), Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Byron Buxton, Justin Verlander, Kyle Tucker, Anthony Rizzo, Luis Ariz, Xander Bogarts
Goldschmidt, a three-time NL MVP Finalist, is still searching for his first career MVP award. Our voters think he is in a position to have it. The Cardinals’ first team leader, who finished third in our recent MVP poll, tops the NL in scores (87), batting average (.339), base percentage (.418), slow percentage (.623) and OPS (. 1.041)).
Machado led our first polls in the NL MVP Poll, and is now second in the last two polls. A three-time top five-pointer of his career, the third seasoned baseman leads the way as the Padres battle rival Dodgers in the NL West race, although he is currently dealing with a twisted left ankle. Machado hits .328 with 12 homers and 46 RBIs and leads the Majors with 4.3 wins over a substitution, per FanGraphs.
NL MVP is running another season in caliber of MVP, hitting .326 with 15 home runs, 48 ​​RBIs and 1,010 OPS for the Phillies. Harper went from fifth in our last MVP poll to third in this poll as he hit .400 with a 1,220 OPS in June.
Alonso got the third most votes in NL, but he stayed where he was in our last poll. The Mets clean-up hitter leads the National League with 20 home runs and major leagues with 66 RBI as New York maintains its lead over the Braves in the NL East.
The leader of the latest NL MVP poll tops the top five in this poll. The Betts will miss some time with a rib fracture that put him on the injured list, and he can’t be back soon enough with the Dodgers in a tight race with Machado and Padres. The 2018 AL MVP (2020 NL runner-up with Los Angeles) has had 17 home runs this season to go along with his impressive playing on the field.
Others got votes: Sandy Alcantara, Tommy Adman (1 vote for 1st), Nolan Arenado, Dansby Swanson, Tria Turner, Wilson Contreras, Ronald Acuña Jr., Jazz Chisholm Jr., Joe Musgrove, Josh Hader, CJ Crohn, Francisco Lindor

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