Aston Martin review gets another major update

Aston Martin will deliver another “substantial update” to its 2022 Formula 1 car at the British Grand Prix next weekend.

Aston brought a major upgrade to the AMR22 at the Spanish Grand Prix, having struggled through the opening five races as it regularly battled out of the first quarter.

The team’s upgrade sparked controversy due to its similarity to Red Bull’s RB18, but the modified Aston car was deemed legal amid allegations of copying.

While her new group couldn’t salvage another double exit in the first quarter in Barcelona, ​​the improved performance was evident in the last three races – with Sebastian Vettel finishing sixth in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Now the team will offer another major upgrade to Silverstone as it aims to continue his rise to the F1 midfield ranking.

“We come up with steps all the time, but the main steps are a little different [managed]Aston Martin Team Principal Mike Crack said.

“For Silverstone, we will have another substantial update. But I think most teams will have it.

“So, it’s also a question of who brings in how much and how effective it is. But we’re pretty sure we’ve made a good move.”

“And the next step will be good as well. So the goal should be to really advance to the midfield so that you can start from the points[-paying positions]. ”

Crack said Aston needed ‘one more step’ to be at the front of their midfield, believing the team is now ‘in the midfield’.

When asked what he thinks is the deficit of the midfield leader – with the exception of Mercedes – Crack guessed between three to five tenths but was not certain.

“I mean, you have to look at how tight the midfield is,” Crack explained.

“You don’t need a big step to make [up] Lots of situations.

“That was a little different in the past. You really had your positions and there was a huge difference between the cars.

The Formula 1 World Championship, the day of preparation for the Grand Prix in Miami, Miami, USA

“If you can be in front of it [midfield] The group, the points you score a lot more than if you lack those three or three tenths that you need.

So, that’s also why we can’t just say ‘look at what’s new [2023] Sentences’. We have to get to the front of this group, and then it’s easier to fight for points because we can’t finish a year we started.”

Aston is currently eighth in the constructors’ championship – lower than where it finished last year – after overhauling Haas with a Lance Stroll point in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Crack said it was important for Aston to keep its “feet on the ground” because modern tracks such as Baku and Montreal have played a greater role in the car’s strengths than the regular track.

Silverstone is more similar in its characteristics to Barcelona, ​​​​where the revised Aston AMR22 debuted and struggled.

Crack admitted the team would likely have struggled at Silverstone again without the changes, but he is hopeful the new promotion will allow him to compete.

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