Avondale speedway will host the first NASCAR Pinty’s Series race this weekend

When Louis-Philippe Dumoulin races a new spot, he knows there is a balance to strike.

The balance, in this case for the 2021 NASCAR Pinty’s Series Champion, is between interacting with fans and focusing on performing his ability when the race comes around.

Dumoulin and the rest of Pinty’s Series drivers are in Newfoundland and Labrador for the first time this weekend for a chain race at Eastbound International Speedway and Concert Park in Avondale.

Over the next couple of days, they will be heading to events to promote the race while finding time to get used to a new track in a new county.

There are points at stake and they have to be ready for Saturday to come.

For Dumoulin, it’s also an opportunity to do something he loves.

“It’s always fun to race, but it’s great to see the fans come back and be (in Newfoundland) at this time of the season,” he said.

Set to take place June 25 in Eastbound, it is one of three planned Pinty’s Series races for the highway that organizers have planned over the next three years through a partnership with the county.

On top of the race, there are several events planned for the weekend that will only add to the atmosphere of the festival. Among these, Autographs on George Street in St. John’s are sure to generate plenty of excitement for the race itself.

Pinty’s Series is Canada’s largest national motorsport series, and when the race begins on Saturday, Newfoundland and Labrador will become the fifth province to host a NASCAR race.

Perhaps most importantly, it gives the series a true coast-to-coast feel and a chance to showcase the product in front of a new audience.

“This is just an event, for the past 10 years plus, we’ve been trying to figure out how to organize an event there,” said Chad Siegler, vice president of international business with NASCAR. “Finally getting there and getting close to the finish line, I’m so excited.”

Since this was announced, Seigler has taken a deep dive into the county. He has learned about yelling and people and that there is a strong motorsport community.

“It’s funny you know, every friend of mine, or even people in our company since we called this event, everybody has told me it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh somewhere I want to go,'” Siegler said.

Drivers are looking to bring their exciting brand of racing to a new audience.

When fans show up on the Avondale Highway, Dumoulin is sure they’ll get the kind of show only NASCAR drivers can give.

“It’s a total NASCAR blast,” Dumoulin said. “I mean, there will be 22 cars that will win.”

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