Bemer discusses the changing landscape of college football

South Carolina coach Shane Beamer He knows it’s important to keep up with the times in hiring.

Whether it’s with name, image, and similarity, or how Gamecocks will use the NCAA transfer portal, Beamer understands that Gamecocks have to “stay ahead of the times.”

On Monday morning, Beamer joined the Twitter Space with reddit He discussed the changing landscape of college football and how he and his staff are adapting to it.

“It’s a different time,” Beamer said. “We have a great recruitment team with Taylor Edwards and Drew Hickson heading that up for us. Jessica Jackson handles everything on campus. Their roles have changed and they are doing a great job. There is a lot more now. It’s not just high school recruiting. It’s the transfer gate. An example enters into the equation.

“Social media and the way it has exploded is a lot different than it was a few years ago in many ways. You have to stay early. You have to stay ahead. You can’t be satisfied. vanguard”.

Beamer said in an interview with 107.5 The Game on June 3 that they will continue to educate their players and prospects on NIL.

“We were talking about it yesterday as employees,” Beamer said. “Whether you agree with the rule, it’s part of it. There are a lot of young people out there who want to know what you have and what players can benefit from from the point of view of name and image and example. We are proud of what our guys have done from that point of view and so many other student-athletes here in Carolina Also. You definitely want to educate potential clients about that.”

In the off-season, Gamecocks has used the transfer gate to its advantage as it has brought in several players who stand a chance of making an immediate impact in 2022.

In addition to needing to be creative with how he introduces new players to his program, Beamer said he and his staff have to make sure they make Gamecocks a place that players want.

“And then, too, you worry about the people we have on our show,” Beamer said Monday. “Just try to keep making this a program that players want to be a part of. They will be held accountable. This is not an easy program to be a part of. It will be very demanding. It will be a lot of work, but our guys know that we really care and love them. That’s clear someday. Day by day. It makes it a place that players want to stay a part of and become a part of. It helps us. Just being ourselves and being real. Then, just from trying to bring new guys into the program, it’s constantly about thinking ahead and staying with the time. “.

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