Best Sports Bets on TV/Radio on the Weekend | Sports

TV Friday

5 PM FS1 NASCAR Truck Race

CFL: Hamilton in Winnipeg 5:30 p.m. ESPN2

European Tour second round 3:30 am Golf

LPGA Tour, Round Two at 8 a.m. Golf

PGA Tour, Round Two of Golf

Tour of the Champions, second floor (T) at 7:30 pm Golf

Stanley Cup Finals: Lightning at Avalanche, Game 5 5 PM Chapter 9

Phoenix Rising in Las Vegas 7:30pm EST

Unlimited athletes 4pm EST

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Unlimited athletes 6:30pm EST

US Open Air 7pm CNBC

Liberty at Dream 4:30 PM CBSS

Radio Friday

Tigers at D-backs 6:30 PM 1490-AM *

“Spears and Ali” 3pm 1490am *

Saturday TV

NASCAR Xfinity Race at 12:30 PM USA time

CWS Finals: Oklahoma vs. Ole Miss, Game 1 4 pm ESPN

Big 3 League, Week Two 5:30 PM CBSS

USFL Playoffs: Phil. Against N. Jersey Noon Ch 11

USFL Playoffs: N. Orl. opposite perm. 5 PM Ch 4

CFL: Toronto BC 7pm EST

European Tour 3rd floor 4:30 am Golf

PGA Tour, Round 3 at 10 a.m. Golf

LPGA Tour, Round 3 10 a.m. Chapter 4

PGA Tour, third round back chapter 13

Tour of Champions, 3rd Round Noon Golf

Astros at Yankees 10 AM MLB

Citizens at Rangers 1pm FS1

Dodgers at Braves 4 PM Ch 11

Tigers Appearing D-backs 7 p.m. BSAZ

Sailors in Angels 7 PM FS1

Louisville City at Hartford 10 am ESPN

MLS: Nashville SC at DC United 2 p.m. ESPN

Columbia in the United States 4:30 PM FS1

Unlimited athletes 4pm EST

Unlimited athletes 6:30pm EST

US Outdoor Championships, Day 3, 1pm, Chapter 4

Mercury at Wings 5 ​​pm BSAZ +

Mercury at Wings 5 ​​p.m. NBA

Mystics at Aces 7 pm NBA

Sunday TV

NASCAR Cup Race 2PM Chapter 4

CWS Finals: Oklahoma vs. Ole Miss, Game 2 Noon ESPN

European Tour, Final Round 4:30 a.m. Golf

LPGA Tour, Final Round 10 a.m. Chapter 4

PGA Tour, Final Round Back Chapter 13

Tour of Champions, the last round of noon golf

Astros at Yankees 10:30 a.m. MLB

Tigers in appearance D-backs 1 pm BSAZ

Sailors at Angels 1:30 p.m. MLB

The Dodgers at Braves 4 pm ESPN

Stanley Cup Finals: Avalanche at Lightning, Game 6, If Needed, 5 p.m., Chapter 9

MLS: NY City FC at Philadelphia at 3pm FS2

US Outdoor Championships Day 4 1:00 p.m. Chapter 4

US Outdoor Championships, Day 4, 2:00 PM in the USA

* 1490-AM also broadcasts on 104.9-FM

Legend: (T) – tape delay

Channel Guide: Chapter 13 (Chapter 7 on Comcast) BSAZ He is Bally Sports Arizona (Ch 26 on Cox, Ch 31 on Comcast, Ch 686 on DirecTV, Ch 415 on Dish) BSAZ + She is Bally Sports Arizona Extra (Ch 73 on Cox, Ch 686.1 on DirecTV, Comcast and Dish subscribers, please check your cable guide, channel number may change daily) CBSS is CBS Sports Network (Ch 312 on Cox, Ch 274 on Comcast, Ch 221 on DirecTV, Ch 158 on Dish) CNBC (Ch 35 on Cox, Ch 27 on Comcast, Ch 355 on DirecTV, Ch 208 on Dish) ESPN (Ch 24 on Cox, Ch 2 on Comcast, Ch 206 on DirecTV, Ch 140 on Dish) ESPN2 (Chapter 25 on Cox, Chapter 30 on Comcast, Chapter 209 on DirecTV, Chapter 143 on Dish) Spino (Ch 330 on Cox, Ch 266 on Comcast, Ch 208 on DirecTV, Ch 141 on Dish) FS1 is Fox Sports 1 (Ch 27 on Cox, Ch 32 on Comcast, Ch 219 on DirecTV, Ch 150 on Dish) FS2 It is Fox Sports 2 (Ch. 341 on Cox, not available on Comcast, Ch. 618 on DirecTV, Chapter 397 on Dish) golf (Ch 65 on Cox, Ch 28 on Comcast, Ch 218 on DirecTV, Ch 401 on Dish) MLB is MLB Network (Ch 305 on Cox, Ch 271 on Comcast, Ch 213 on DirecTV, Ch 152 on Dish) NBA is NBA TV (Ch 308 on Cox, Ch 273 on Comcast, Ch 216 on DirecTV, Ch 156 on Dish) United States of America (Ch 28 on Cox, Ch 35 on Comcast, Ch 242 on DirecTV, Ch 105 on Dish)

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