Conn Smythe Winners By Player: Who has the most NHL playoff MVP awards in history?

It is only appropriate thatROIIt is a French word meaning ‘king’.

That’s because Hall of Famer Patrick Roy – the spelling is irresistible – is the only player in NHL history to have received three Conn Smythe awards in his own cup room.

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It’s hard enough to make it to multiple Stanley Cup Finals, and it’s even tougher for players to win multiple Conn Smythe Awards. With the Stanley Cup Final Player of the Year award handed out to players since 1965, six players have won by several, while only Roy stands – instead, extends – above the rest by three.

To take it a step further, regular season production is hardly an indication of post-season success. Only three players in National Hockey League history have won the Hart Cup and the Coon Smith Cup in the same year: Bobby Orr in 1970, Jay LaFleur in 1977 and some dude named Wayne Gretzky in 1985.

Here’s how this honor has been bestowed on hockey’s top performers over the years:

Who has won the most Con Smith Awards?

Only one player in NHL history has received three awards from Conn Smythe: Goaltender Patrick Roy, who won two when he was a member of the Montreal Canadiens, and a third in 2001 with the Colorado Avalanche.

Several players associated with two victories from Con Smith:

player Team Years
Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh penguins 2017, 2016
Mario Lemio Pittsburgh penguins 1991, 1992
Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers 1984, 1988
Bernie’s father Philadelphia Flyers 1974, 1975
Bobby Orr Boston Bruins 1970, 1972

Conn Smythe winners

The only year Conn Smythe hasn’t been awarded since 1965 was in 2005 when the season was called off due to the NHL shutdown.

year player Team Site
2021 Andrei Vasilevsky Tampa Bay Lightning J
2020 Victor Hedman Tampa Bay Lightning Dr
2019 Ryan O’Reilly St. Louis Blues c
2018 Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals LW
2017 Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh penguins c
2016 Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh penguins c
2015 Duncan Keith Chicago Blackhawks Dr
2014 Justin Williams Los Angeles Kings RW
2013 Patrick King Chicago Blackhawks RW
2012 Jonathan Quick Los Angeles Kings J
2011 Tim Thomas Boston Bruins J
2010 Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks c
2009 Yevgeny Malkin Pittsburgh penguins c
2008 Henrik Setterberg Detroit Red Wings c
2007 Scott Niedermayr Anaheim Dax Dr
2006 How come Carolina Hurricanes J
2005 Unavailable * Unavailable * Unavailable
2004 Brad Richards Tampa Bay Lightning c
2003 Jean Sebastian Gigoire The Great Ducks of Anaheim J
2002 Niklas Liedstrom Detroit Red Wings Dr
2001 Patrick Roy Colorado Avalanche J
2000 Scott Stevens New Jersey Devils Dr
1999 Joe Neuendk Dallas stars c
1998 Steve Userman Detroit Red Wings c
1997 Mike Vernon Detroit Red Wings J
1996 Joe Sakic Colorado Avalanche c
1995 Claude Lemieux New Jersey Devils RW
1994 Brian Leach New York Rangers Dr
1993 Patrick Roy Montreal Canadiens J
1992 Mario Lemio Pittsburgh penguins c
1991 Mario Lemio Pittsburgh penguins c
1990 Bill Ranford Edmonton Oilers J
1989 Al McInnes Calgary Flames Dr
1988 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers c
1987 Ron Hextal Philadelphia Flyers J
1986 Patrick Roy Montreal Canadiens J
1985 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers c
1984 Mark Messier Edmonton Oilers c
1983 Billy Smith New York Islanders J
1982 Mike Bussey New York Islanders RW
1981 Butch Goring New York Islanders c
1980 Brian Trotier New York Islanders c
1979 Bob Jenny Montreal Canadiens LW
1978 Larry Robinson Montreal Canadiens Dr
1977 Jay LaFleur Montreal Canadiens RW
1976 Reggie Leach Philadelphia Flyers RW
1975 Bernie’s father Philadelphia Flyers J
1974 Bernie’s father Philadelphia Flyers J
1973 Evan Cornuer Montreal Canadiens RW
1972 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins Dr
1971 Ken Dryden Montreal Canadiens J
1970 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins Dr
1969 Serge Savard Montreal Canadiens Dr
1968 Glen Hall St. Louis Blues J
1967 Dave Keon Toronto Maple Leafs c
1966 Roger Cruiser Detroit Red Wings J
1965 Jean Bellevue Montreal Canadiens c

By location:

  • 19 centers
  • 17 goalkeeper
  • 11 defensemen
  • nine wings

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