Four things to look forward to when Texas and Oklahoma leave the Big 12

Believe it or not, we’re about ten weeks away from the start of the college football season. Felt like just yesterday I was in Arlington watching the Big 12 Championship game.

Despite the launch countdown constantly ringing in my head, all I see is talk of Oklahoma and Texas. While the two Blueblood shows are set to run until the 2025 season, I’m still wondering what life would be like without them at the Big 12 conference.

Here are four things to look forward to when Texas and Oklahoma head to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

1. Everyone is equal

It’s no secret who has run the Big 12 convention over the years. Texans have always made their opinions heard at the table and are known to use their power to their advantage. This arrogance is what ended up destroying the original Big 12 when Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas A&M all left the convention. Even when I entered the four new schools, nothing had changed. Anytime anything happens inside the Big 12, the first school mentioned is always Texas. Sure, Oklahoma has always had a seat at the big boy table, but I never really felt like they were the ones trying to control everyone and everything. With these two gone, I feel that all schools will be on an equal footing when it comes to important discussions. No matter your school, your voice will be heard.

2. Football season is unpredictable

Since I’ve been filling out a Big 12 survey before the season, Oklahoma has been at the top of that list. So far, I’ve only been wrong once. There is nothing wrong with Oklahoma winning the Big 12 but whenever anyone talks about the Big 12 the questions are always, “Who plays Oklahoma?” Last season we got a taste of what it was like without Oklahoma playing in the Big 12 and guess what? It was totally fun even if they were there. The game was great and the crowd of Oklahoma State and Baylor Jerry World fans. Without this season favorite on the ballot each year, it would be extremely difficult to know who would win the conference each season. This would make football amazing, unexpected and I can’t wait.

3. New faces and new places

I am sure many of you have had the opportunity to travel across the 12 largest countries. Whether it’s Stillwater, Fort Worth, Manhattan, or even Morgantown, most of you reading this have been in the Big 12 Road game before. I’m not here for the Norman or Austin roads, but the thought of traveling to some of these new places is exciting. Now you can hit the beach when you go to UCF or look out over the mountains in Provo. Maybe get some great seafood in Houston and get a chance to try some of the world famous Skyline Chili. No matter where you go, it must be a great opportunity to visit some places that you may not be familiar with.

4. Let’s be creative

When you hear a talk about the future of college football, no one ever brings up the Big 12. They want to talk about SEC being the best thing since slicing bread or Big Ten money. Even the humble Pac-12 is talked about more than the Big 12. I knew the convention would miss Texas and Oklahoma only because of the value they add to the convention but why not have some fun? The Big 12 should embrace the idea of ​​thinking outside the box. When it comes to social media, events, or anything in between, a conference needs to keep track of the latest trends and help pave the way for the future.

We all know those TV deals are looming around the corner and of course Big 12 won’t have the value it once had. However, times have changed. Amazon and Apple have enough money to buy what they want, and if they show an interest in broadcasting Big 12 matches, why not go for it? If Big 12 can get big bucks from anyone, they should be chomping a bit to get it. Wherever the money is, the Big 12 should follow.

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