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U will be TWP. , Pennsylvania – It was kind of a rollercoaster, in terms of weather, on day one of the US Open major Thursday, at Saucon Valley Country Club. It’s where 69 News found golf fan Madeleine Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was also in that same spot in 1992, the first of three times at the first US Open for country club in 30 years.

“It was hot and humid 30 years ago, as opposed to cold and rain,” she said.

And speaking of that rain, fans like JFK of Summit Hill, they came prepared, they didn’t seem to care about the super-humid golf tournament.

“Watching what’s going on here,” he said: “The rain goes up, the canopy goes up, you get that way, the canopy goes down.”

Renee Swift and Don Dianetti came all the way from Rochester, New York.

“We traveled over 300 miles to get here today, four and a half hours,” Dianetti said.

In their formal gowns, this golf-loving couple said heavy rain was no problem.

“It wasn’t bad, it was a steady rain most mornings, so it was an umbrella, an umbrella, but the coat saved us, and the waterproof golf shoes saved us. So we knew what we were getting into today.”

And with the wet weather, many longtime golf fans have noticed that many pros struggle on the course.

Len Sniscak, from Lansford, said, “I thought they would play better than they actually play. Because we saw a few combinations, they were like 8 on par as 10, 11 holes so I was like a little surprised by that. And usually they can play really well when it’s It’s so humid.”

“If you look at the scoreboard, there aren’t many people down there, for that,” Madeline Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says she blames the rain and wind, as well as this tougher track in the upper town of Sacon.

“The course, because it’s a difficult course. It’s a beautiful course,” she said.

Jennifer Zar, who hails from Bergen, New Jersey, agrees.

“I know because my husband plays this is a very tough vegetable, and they put the pins in tough spots to make it a little competitive.”

Zer also praised the old course.

“The stadiums look great,” she said. “The volunteers are just like them, and I think the players had a tough time today because the greens were rolling so hard.”

According to the USGA, it is no coincidence that the country club has been selected three times in 30 years to host the Open Championship.

“That’s what makes this place special,” said Mike Trostle, USGA’s director of tournament content. “…Even in the rain today, there’s a constant flow of people coming here and appreciating all the great shots and the great players that go by.”

After 1 rainy day, most fans tell us it’s only sunny from here:

Zar said: “I can’t wait for the weekend. I think people have drowned out a bit, with the weather it’s going to dry up and it should lead to a big competition.

Round two is scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. Friday.

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