In the NFL It’s All About Scoring, Can the Steelers Win Defending?

The Steelers improved again late on Tuesday afternoon when they signed former Browns and Bengals defensive line Larry Ogunjobi on a one-year contract.

Ogunjobi was the best option left to fill the huge void left by Stefon Tweet’s retirement.

Being absolutely available, of course, is where the catch comes in. Ogunjobi was going to be the Chicago Bear, and a profitable 3-year contract, $40.5 million to boot. The problem is that he failed physically, and not only did Chicago invalidate the original contract, they didn’t even bother trying to find a compromise.

We now know that the injury to Ogunjobi, who ended his season after the Bengals’ opener win over the Raiders, wasn’t an ankle problem, but instead a dreadful injury from Lisfranc, something that could drastically change or even end his career.

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