Jared Bednar dismisses John Cooper’s ‘too many men’ charge

Much – Much Made about the dramatic drop in microphone after the game for Tampa Bay Lightning coach John Cooper after his team lost 3-2 in overtime to the Colorado Avalanche in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Cooper said he would “talk tomorrow” about his vague hint that Avalanche won the match due to a lack of contact glitch on the part of too many guys, in the OT. While some in the Tampa media immediately captured Cooper’s sentiment as the gospel, the rest of the hockey world dismissed it as a sour grape. And rightly so.

Today, Cooper seems to want it both ways. On the one hand, he said he was reacting emotionally after a tough home loss in the Stanley Cup Final. On the other hand, he called it “unfortunate” that the NHL’s officer crew “missed” in his alleged accusation of having too many men.

Look, I think John Cooper is a very good coach, and even though I’ve never spoken to him individually, he seems to be a very good person. And coaches are coaches. They “didn’t see it” if their team did it, and they don’t see it well unless something bad happens to them. cooper team I got away with a missed scandalous call a lot of missed guys In the win over the Islanders in last year’s seven-game ECF series.

Here’s what Bednar had to say today before leaving Tampa with the team:

Here is Cooper today:

If Nazim Qadri doesn’t beat Lightning 1-on-3 against the “best goalkeeper in the world,” no problem. This kind of line change, Bednar said, happens almost every time. Tampa already had seven players on the ice at the time as well, with two players about to sit on the bench when my destiny had a pinch.

Cooper knows that. It’s too bad he didn’t admit it today either. Or, should I say, it’s “unfortunate”.

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