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The Toronto Blue Jays need a left-handed racket to help balance their heavy right-hand squad. They also need to add as much firepower as possible if they want to overtake the New York Yankees in their own division as well as the Yankees, the Houston Astros and other MLS contenders if they want to reach the World Series.

With all that in mind, is Josh Bell of the Washington Nationals an ideal commercial candidate for the Toronto Blue Jays?

Bale, who turns 30 in August, is having a phenomenal season for the Nationals, cutting 328/.418/.473 in 131 players at bat before Wednesday’s game. He’s also making $10 million on a one-year deal that expires after this season for a franchise that could already forget about making the 2022 postseason.

A switch hitter, Bale has cut .361/.444/.547 from the left side of the board this season, and all four of his runs have come from that side. Bale will likely move into the middle of the Toronto lineup, with the left bat giving a different look to the Blue Jays lineup that has seen the commercial acquisition Rimmel Tapia play the most games of any left-handed bat on the roster (31). However, Tapia produced -0.4 bWAR in his first season in Toronto.

On the offensive and salary fronts, Bale appears to be a good fit for the Toronto Blue Jays as MLB insider Jeff Bassan recently discussed. But what exactly is Bill’s place, a first baseman, in the squad that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has already held that position? It’s possible that if the Blue Jays made a deal with the Nationals, Bell and Guerrero Jr. They will balance the first base and the particular hitter position.

The designated hitter is where the Blue Jays can use an upgrade. Coming in on Wednesday, Toronto’s DH center (which has held seven players so far this season, with Zach Collins (40 games) and George Springer (39 games)) had produced 0.1 bWAR.While that’s tied for eighth in MLB among all DH tandems However, it still lags behind the Astros (0.9) and the Yankees (0.8) in the position.

With Washington looking to rebuild and hoping to sign Juan Soto for an extension to serve as the cornerstone of this rebuilding process, the Bill Blue Jays will likely cost some prospects who are close to making their MLB debut. Look for natives who will keep a high price on any Bell acquisition and look for lots of teams interested in his services. However, the Toronto alignment looks pretty good for the Blue Jays who are built to win now.

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