NBA Games Today: Time and TV channels for every game on January 16th

The is NBA The action continues on Sunday with four matches that promise to thrill the fans. The star match is characterized by Golden State Warriorsled Stephen Curryagainst the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The the Warriors It comes in second place in the Western Conference with a mark of 31-11, while Wolves In ninth place with a score of 20-22.

In addition, the Denver Nuggets to host Utah Jazz At the Pepsi Center, both teams with winning records in the current NBA season.

The list of games starts at noon with the extension Detroit Pistons take on Phoenix Suns At Little Caesars Arena, where the Pistons couldn’t become a strong team and let victories slip away from their rivals.

The Sacramento Kings And the Houston Rockets Sunday concluded a two-team game with negative records in the Western Conference.

Sunday 16 January

Playtime (ET) TV

Suns @ Pistons 1:00 PM Bally Sports DET, Bally Sports AZ

Rockets @ Kings 6:00 p.m. NBC Sports CA, ATTSN-SW

Warriors @ Timberwolves 8:00 PM Bally Sports North, NBC Sports Bay Area

Jazz @ Nuggets 8:00 PM Rise, ATTSN-RM

Monday January 17

Playtime (ET) TV

Pelicans @ Celtics 12:30 p.m. NBC Sports Boston, Bally Sports NO

Hornets @ Knicks 1:00 p.m. NBA TV, MSG, Bally Sports SE-CHA

76ers @ Wizards 2:00 PM NBCSWA, NBC Sports Philadelphia

Nets @ Cavaliers 3:00 PM Bally Sports Ohio, yeah

Bulls @ Grizzlies 3:30 PM TNT, Bally Sports SE-MEM

Pacers @ Clippers 3:30 PM Bally Sports SoCal, Bally Sports Indiana

Bucks @ Hawks 6:00 PM TNT, Bally Sports WI

Blazers @ Magic 7:00 PM Bally Sports Florida, ROOT SPORTS PLUS

Raptors @ Heat 7:30 PM Bally Sports Sun, SN

Thunder @ Mavericks 8:30 PM Bally Sports SW-DAL, Bally Sports OK

Suns @ Spurs 8:30 PM Bally Sports SW-SA, Bally Sports AZ

Jazz @ Lakers 10:30 PM NBA TV, Spectrum SportsNet, ATTSN-RM

Tuesday January 18

Playtime (ET) TV

Timberwolves @Knicks 7:30 p.m. NBA TV, MSG, Bally Sports North

Pistons @ Warriors 10:00 PM Bay Area Sports NBC, Bally Sports DET

Wednesday January 19

Playtime (ET) TV

Magic @ 76ers 7:00 p.m. NBC Sports Philadelphia, Bally Sports Florida

Nets @ Wizards 7:00 PM NBCSWA Yes

Timberwolves @ Hawks 7:30 PM Bally Sports SE-ATL, Bally Sports North

Hornets @ Celtics 7:30 p.m. ESPN, NBC Sports Boston, Bally Sports SE-CHA

Trail Blazers @ Heat 7:30 PM Bali Sports Sun, Root Sports

Cavaliers @ Bulls 8:00 p.m. NBC Sports Chicago, Bally Sports Ohio

Grizzlies @ Bucks 8:00 PM Bally Sports WI, Bally Sports SE-MEM

Raptors @ Mavericks 8:30 PM Bally Sports SW-DAL, SN

Thunder @ Spurs 8:30 PM Bally Sports SW-SA, Bally Sports OK

Rockets @ Jazz 9:00 PM ATTSN-RM, ATTSN-SW

Clippers @ Nuggets 10:00 p.m. ESPN, Altitude, Bally Sports SoCal

Pistons @ Kings 10:00 PM NBCSCA, Bally Sports DET

Pacers @ Lakers 10:30 p.m. Spectrum SportsNet, Bally Sports Indiana

Thursday January 20

Playtime (ET) TV

Pelicans @ Knicks 7:30 PM MSG, Bally Sports North

Suns @ Mavericks 7:30 PM TNT

Pacers @ Warriors 10:00 PM TNT, NBC Sports Bay Area

Friday January 21

Playtime (ET) TV

Thunder @ Hornets 7:00 PM Bally Sports SE-CHA, Bally Sports OK

Lakers @ Magic 7:00 p.m. Bally Sports Florida, Spectrum SportsNet

Clippers @ 76ers 7:00 p.m. NBC Sports Philadelphia, Bally Sports SoCal

Heat @ Hawks 7:30 PM Bally Sports SE-ATL, Bally Sports Sun

Trail Blazers @ Celtics 7:30 p.m. NBC Sports Boston, ROOT SPORTS PLUS

Raptors @ Wizards 8:00 p.m. ESPN, NBCSWA, TSN

Bulls @ Bucks 8:00 p.m. Bally Sports WI, NBC Sports Chicago

Nets @ Tottenham 8:30 PM Bally Sports SW-SA Yes

Grizzlies @ Nuggets 9:00 PM Rise, Bally Sports SE-MEM

Pistons @ Jazz 9:00 PM ATTSN-RM, Bally Sports DET +

Rockets @ Warriors 10:00 p.m. Bay Area Sports NBC, ATTSN-SW

Saturday January 22

Playtime (ET) TV

Thunder @ Cavaliers 8:00 p.m. NBA TV, Bally Sports Ohio, Bally Sports OK

Kings @ Bucks 8:00 PM Bally Sports WI, NBCSCA

Pacers @ Suns 9:00 PM Bally Sports AZ, Bally Sports Indiana

Additional key dates in the 2021-22 NBA calendar

NBA All-Star Game

Sunday, February 20 in Cleveland

Last day of NBA regular season action: Sunday, April 10

Pacers @ Nets TBD TBD

Wizards @ Hornets TBD TBD

Pax @ Cavaliers TBD TBD

Tottenham @ Mavericks TBD

Lakers @ Nuggets TBD Spectrum SportsNet

Hawks @ Rockets TBD TBD

Thunder @ clippers TBD TBD

Celtics @ Grizzlies TBD TBD

Bulls @ Timberwolves TBD TBD

Warriors @ Pelicans TBD TBD

Raptors @ Knicks TBD TBD

NBA Play-In Championship

From 12 to 15 April

The NBA playoffs begin

Saturday 16th April

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