New York Rangers coach Gerard Gallant dissatisfied with Carolina Hurricanes’ Game 3 “cheap shot”

NEW YORK – If the Carolina Hurricanes are looking to send a message after losing Game Three, New York Rangers coach Gerard Gallant has warned they may not like responding.

“I wasn’t happy with the Bulls…at the end of the game they started,” Gallant said after Sunday’s 3-1 win by Rangers that cut Carolina’s lead to 2-1 in the second-round series. “We didn’t do it when the matches were close. They sent the players off. That’s fine. If they want to play like this, we have the players who can face them.”

When the bell sounded to end Game 3, Carolina Rangers forward Max Dome gave defender Ryan Lindgren a cross-check in the New York area. Lindgren responded with a slash to Domi. That brought all the guys on the ice together, with Lindgren wrestling Domi on the ice in a bind.

Meanwhile, on the benches, Galant could be seen shouting angrily at Hurricane Defender Tony D’Angelo as the players left the ice. DeAngelo, whose contract was bought by the Rangers last summer after a series of behavioral issues, was booed by Madison Square Garden fans and targeted with derogatory chants throughout the match.

Carolina Rod coach Brende Amour said he didn’t know Gallant was breaking up in one of his players. And about Domi’s incident after the bell, he said, “I didn’t really see what happened, so I can’t comment on it.”

Gallant saw it clearly from the Rangers bench and bemoaned what he thought was an attempt to send messages by the Hurricanes ahead of Tuesday’s game four in New York.

“It’s game over,” Gallant said. “They don’t send any message. We have the guy who can handle all of their guys if we want to. We didn’t do it that way.” A nod to New York developer Ryan Reeves, who played 8:24 in the third game. Reeves – one of the Rangers’ major additions after missing last season – also played for Galant with the Vegas Golden Knights.

“Domy took a cheap shot at our man of defense,” Gallant said. “You have a long memory of this thinking things through. It might be on the other foot someday.”

Rangers won the third match with a well-timed defense and a superb goal from Igor Shesterkin, despite his commissioning Nino Niederretter’s lone goal from Hurricanes. Shesterkin blocked 43 shots in the win and helped Rangers kill a penalty to thwart three powerful passes in Carolina. Rangers had 17 blocked shots in the match.

Meanwhile, New York turned to their first power-playing target in the series from center back Mika Zibanegad, giving the Rangers the lead at home.

The loss continued into the post-season trend for Carolina, who had six Rally victories but had yet to win a road match in two rounds, having lost all three games in Boston in her previous series.

“It’s hard to win on the road in the league,” Gallant said. “They played really hard on the road today.” “Hopefully this series goes like[Boston One]and then in Game 7 we’ll find a way to win that big game in their building.”

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