Packers’ Best Plays of 2021, #7: Aaron Rodgers rigs Jalen Ramsey for TD

Each year, Acme Packing writers vote for Green Bay Packers“Previous season’s best plays. Our votes are based on the impact of the play, the incredible individual or team effort, or the sheer entertainment value we collect to list the top ten plays. Join us over two weeks as we count down from 10 to 1 on the Packers’ best plays of 2021.”

After two pivotal games from a preseason game in Cincinnati, we move on to our No. 7 pick, fake Aaron Rodgers’ signature pump against Jalen Ramsey in a Week 12 game against the Los Angeles Rams. Despite Rodgers’ injury to the toe, the Packers won the departure, more than doubling the Rams 36-17 on a single point before returning late.

The Hazams established themselves as a NFC-beating team at the time and were able to breathe a little easier in their quest for the top seed.

the game

After kicking off the season with an 8-2 score, the Packers suffered a head-loss in Minnesota against a mid-level team of the Vikings. It was a loss that cast some doubt about the Packers’ single-seeded chances and set up a crucial showdown against the Rams in Week 12. Los Angeles looked like anything but a future Super Bowl winner, with turnovers being a problem throughout the day. , including in the third quarter when Douglas Messenger scored his first NFL touchdown from a Matthew Stafford interception. The game completed the Packers’ NFC West Endless Challenge, taking a 4-0 lead against one of the toughest divisions in the league.

the situation

After a kick in the Rams’ opening push, Green Bay comfortably moved the ball 56 yards in 15 plays, but stopped at the Rams’ 38-yard line. However, Rashaan Gary held off any chance of momentum in Los Angeles. A bag fumble followed by a Preston Smith reclaim put the beams into action at the Rams’ 6-yard line. The tone was set for the beam toilet.

the play

After a quick pass to Davante Adams for 5 yards, Rodgers and Packers found themselves on the goal line ready to hit the ball. AJ Dillon was crammed into the next play, which led to third place. This wasn’t a decisive game early in the match, but one I felt needed against against Ramez’s powerful attack. Rodgers faked a handover to Dillon and pulled the ball as soon as he saw Aaron Donald split a double team. Unfortunately, Galen Ramsey was waiting at a good angle and maybe a little faster. But Rodgers has pulled out one of his favorite magic tricks, which you can see him discuss below. Aaron Rodgers pumps a fake beyond the line of fray with no one to actually throw at him as old as time. However, defenders repeatedly fall for it. Even elite corners like Jalen Ramsey can’t help but bite. Rodgers sent Ramsey into the air on the fake and miraculously beat him to the pylon. 7-0 Packers.

the influence

The Packers contributed to the Rams’ slide to the bottom of the standings as they lost their third game in a row while the Packers headed into their farewell week beautifully seated. Aaron Rodgers’ toe proved to be a minor problem compared to the media hysteria and his performance against Los Angeles was proof of that. On 9-3, they were tied with the pirates on top of the conference. After picking up four more wins and completing the AFC’s sweep north, the Packers booked the top seed.

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