Parma Heights honors Suburban Football League founder Ron Orcott

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio – For four decades, the players, coaches, and parents involved in youth soccer in Parma Heights and the surrounding areas have known the name Ron Orcott.

That’s because the Missouri native and longtime resident of Parma Heights founded the Suburban Recreational Football League, as well as the Youth Munchkins Program.

Parma Heights City Council recently honored Orcot, who now calls Parma his home, with an announcement for his efforts.

“When you spend a lot of time and work with a lot of children over the years, it is very satisfying, but seeing someone else realize the work I did to help the children is also wonderful,” Orcott said, 74. “I enjoy doing it It gives me something to do.”

These days, the Suburban Recreational Football League has 11 cities and around 90 teams.

It is a family affair for Orkut with his wife Julie, who is deeply involved, along with their children who are growing up on the show. This now includes grandchildren either in the league or the assistant coach.

“I am training my 3- and 4-year-old granddaughters this coming year,” said Orcott, who also works with youth at Parma Heights Baptist Church.

Ron’s daughter, Mary Levy, said the Parma Heights announcement was well deserved.

“I am very happy that my father is being honored for his many years of dedicated service to the community,” said Levy, who also coaches in the league. “He loves football and loves working with children.

“He has also helped enable smaller communities to play football more competitively by creating a recreational suburban football league. He has run it to this day without taking any pay for himself. His core business has made the current thriving football community in our area possible. “.

Although he never thought the league or his involvement would last that long, Orcutt added that having a job he loved doing meant time had just passed.

The most interesting thing about his story is that as a child Orcutt had polio. One could argue that his life mission was to get as many kids involved in sports as possible as he was not able to do so when he was young.

“I’ve never been able to get involved in a lot of sports, but for some reason, I was able to learn football and teach it to the kids,” Orkut said. “Football is a good sport. It teaches camaraderie, teamwork and different things. In football, you are always moving and involved.”

Parma Heights Mayor Marie Gallo said Orkot is very special to the city.

“This is his 36th year on the programme,” Gallo said. “His dedication and devotion to helping the children was so evident through his commitment.

“I am honored to give him his proclamation and let him know for all that he has done for us.”

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