Rizzo and Adames hitch in player ratings boost

The MLB The Show 22 Supercharged Diamond Dynasty ratings brought another player boost to the podium.

Here are the details you need about the MLB The Show 22 Supercharged players in Diamond Dynasty and how their player ratings are affected.

Latest – Earn Rizzo and Adames reinforcements

After a series of promotions surrounding opening day, things didn’t slow down much as two other players got a supercharged boost after their April 26 performances.

Anthony Rizzo and Willie Adams provided multiple RBIs to help lift the Yankees and Brewers to their separate 12-8 victories.

We have more details here about these new player ratings boosts and how long they will last in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 Supercharged Diamond Dynasty player rating

Diamond Dynasty has thrived in recent years with the Live Series base card deck that sees their rankings revised as the roster is refreshed every two weeks.

They’ve had the Inside Edge boost in the past for specific matches, but this year MLB The Show 22 is adding an all-new Supercharged feature.

Throughout the year, players with truly amazing and memorable gameplay for the ages will receive a temporary increase in the Supercharged Diamond Race ratings.

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Super Charged: Only certain players will get this time-limited boost

As was made clear when the feature was announced, this will be fairly rare throughout the season and will only go to the few players with truly outstanding performance.

Once they get a boost, that player will get a limited Attribute Increase (usually only for 48 hours), and it can be massive with an increase of up to 30 points for any major Attributes played at the moment.

The opening day excited many Supercharged players

While it’s been made clear that this boost will be relatively rare throughout most of the MLB season, they break that rule completely.

Opening Day was the exception, as they chose seven different games with a single player Supercharged.

One player selected in the opening day matches (April 7) to be Supercharged on MLB The Show 22:

  • Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs
  • New York Mets in Washington
  • Cleveland Guardians at Kansas City Royals
  • Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals
  • Cincinnati Reds at Atlanta Braves
  • Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels
  • San Diego Padres at the Arizona Diamondbacks

If you’re diving into Diamond Dynasty this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for these Supercharged players who could for a short time become huge assets for your squad.

The reinforcements are expected to run on the evening of April 7, 2022, and expire on the evening of April 9, 2022.

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