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This year’s Hockey Hall of Fame induction class can feature up to four former Canucks players.

Daniel Seiden, Henrik Seiden, Roberto Longo and Alex Mogilny are eligible to participate in this year’s Hockey Hall of Fame induction chapter.

After a long delay due to COVID-19, the class of 2020 – which featured Jarom Iginla, Marianne Hausa, Kevin Lowe, Doug Wilson, Ken Holland and Kim St-Pierre – was finally entered the hall last November.

HHOF has decided not to enter the 2021 class, which means that on Monday, voters will choose the 2022 class to be entered into the hall in November.

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2022 will be the first year of eligibility for Sedins and Luongo, but as you’ll read shortly, it’s been a slightly longer process for Mogilny.

Alex Mogilny

It still boggles the mind how Alex Mogilny – the first ever Soviet player to defect from the West and the first ever Russian captain in NHL history – was let down in the Hall of Fame for more than a decade.

Mogilny, along with Rod Brende Amore and Curtis Joseph, have long waited for his call into the auditorium, and in his final year of eligibility, Mogilny deserves to receive that call, deadlock.

Unlike some new recruits and some players he’ll encounter again – Mogilny was more than a point per player at the end of his career.

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Mogilny played 990 NHL games over 16 seasons, scoring 473 goals and 1,032 points. He won the Stanley Cup with the Devils in 2000 and also won the Olympic gold with the Soviet Union in 1988.

Mogilny was first eligible for an induction Hall of Fame in 2009, and it remains a mystery how he went all that time without being inducted.

Daniel and Henrik Seiden

It’s the first year of Henrik and Daniel Sedin’s eligibility, and we’re assuming any voter with one on their ballot will get the other, which means they’ll likely enlist in the same year.

You don’t need a summary of the twins’ accomplishments, but we’ll give you a quick summary anyway.

Henrik became the first Kanuk to win the Hart Trophy for best player in the league and the Art Ross Trophy in 2009-10 when he scored 112 points in 89 games.

Daniel is the Canucks’ all-time leading goal scorer with a score of 393, and was the recipient of Art Ross and Ted Lindsay’s awards in the 2010-11 season.

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Although they haven’t won a trophy, the twins deserve all the honor they’ve been given up to this point, and induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame is no exception.

Roberto Longo

Roberto Longo, the winning goalkeeper in Canucks history, has long been considered the first inducted into the Ballot Hall of Fame by many.

Luongo played 19 seasons in the NHL and scored a 0.919 keeping percentage, the highest of any goalkeeper to appear in at least 900 NHL games. He is fourth in league history with 489 wins and ninth with 77.

Simply put, Luongo’s continued level of excellence over such a long period of time has been matched by very few goalkeepers in history.

Like Sedins, it’s a shame that Luongo has never won a Stanley Cup—especially if you’re a fan of the Canucks—but he has two gold medals with Team Canada.

It’s not an issue if Luongo will be recruited, but more so when.

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When trying to decide if a player should be entered into this category, it is important to note who they will face on the voters’ ballot.

Some of the notable names are:

Henrik Zetterberg: 337 goals and 960 points in 1,082 games, all with the Red Wings. After winning a gold medal alongside the Sedin twins in 2006, Zetterberg took home the Conn Smythe Cup after scoring 27 points in 22 games en route to a Stanley Cup title for Detroit in 2008.

This is Zytterberg first year of eligibility.

Daniel Alfredson: Over 1,246 career games, Daniel Alfredson totaled 1,157 points, and earned 100 playoff points over 124 preseason games. He played all but one season with the Ottawa Senators, the team that drafted him in the sixth round of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft.

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He won the Calder Cup for Best Junior League Player in 1996 and also won the King’s Clancy Cup and the Marc Messier Award later in his career. He was instrumental in Sweden’s winning of the gold medal in 2006.

This is Alfredson Fifth year of eligibility.

Patrick Elias: Patrick Elias holds multiple New Jersey Devils records with 408 goals, 1,025 points, 45 goals and 125 career breakout points. Elias has spent his entire career with the Devils, with whom he won two Cups, and sits second behind only Jaromir Jäger for NHL points of all time among Czech players.

2022 marks Elias Third year of eligibility.

Rod Bringmore: Definitely worth a call at some point. Producer Trail, BC won back-to-back Selke Cups in 2006 and 2007, and was vital to defeating the Hurricanes of the Oilers in the 2006 Stanley Cup Final.

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As a player, Brind’Amour has scored 452 goals and 1,184 points over 1,484 NHL games, but his HHOF cause can certainly help through his coaching career as well, winning the Jack Adams Award in 2020-21.

This is his ninth The year of eligibility, which is really surprising.

So who was recruited?

Four male players will be inducted into HHOF this year.

Alex Mogilny, Rod Brende Amour, Daniel Seiden and Henrik Seiden He seems, to us, at least, the most deserving of the call this year.

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