Stewart-Haas Racing’s New ‘Really Big Deal’ Campaign

Eric Almerola spoke about the ExxonMobil “Mission: Unstoppable” campaign and the key role Mobil Delvac plays in the success of the Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR team.

ExxonMobil recently launched a file Mission: Unstoppable Campaign, Mobil Delvac-branded campaign highlights best-in-class lubrication strategies to help bring success to US truck fleets, including Stewart-Haas Racing’s NASCAR team transport fleet.

We had the opportunity to speak to Eric Almerola, who has driven the #10 Ford for the Gene Haas and Tony Stewart four-car team since replacing Danica Patrick in 2018, about this partnership with ExxonMobil and this new Mission: Unstoppable Campaign.

“It really started for me when I joined Stewart-Haas Racing,” Almerola said. beyond science From his relationship with Mobil 1. “They already had a partnership with Mobil 1, so I was able to see the impact they had on our racing cars, first of all, and all the lubricants they supply us there.

“But over time, I’ve opened my eyes to what they’re doing to our fleet of trucks, running up and down the road, across the country.”

In addition to doing what he does on a weekly basis and driving the #10 Ford, he does what he can do to create awareness of this new campaign and associated products.

Mobil Delvac launched this campaign with Mission: Unstoppable, and allows our fleet to go longer between oil changes.” “Mobil 1 has been a very key partner for us. Mobil Delvac 1 has played a real important role in my career, just in the fact that my race car has to show up on the racetrack. It provides lubricants to the pallets and our fleet is here to transport our race cars to and from the racetrack.”

While it’s not something most fans tend to think about or observe on Sundays, this is one of the major behind-the-scenes factors that allow him to do what he does.

“For us, this is a really big problem,” Almerola continued. “It’s not just about going longer between oil changes, but also the reliability of the lubricants, making sure our trucks get to the racetrack. If our transporters don’t show up to the racetrack, I don’t have a race car to get into to do my job.”

Stewart-Haas Racing’s fleet manager, Gary Jessman, stated the following in a press release.

“We’ve used Mobil Delvac for over ten years on all of our heavy-duty diesel trucks here in Stewart-Haas. In our fleet, we used to change the oil every 20,000 miles. We now change it every 70,000 miles – there’s less downtime for us, and more time.” much to chase the checkered flag.”

Paul Segala, ExxonMobil Commercial Vehicle Lubricant Applications Engineer, added the following.

“Winning fleets understand that every opportunity to increase uptime, reduce labor costs and free up technical time to perform other tasks can be a huge advantage for their business. In Mission: Unstoppable, we show how Mobil Delvac products and services can be a secret ingredient in supporting the success of fleets. of all sizes – and simply put, it can be an “unstoppable” feature they need to grow their business even further.”

With 16 races in the 2022 schedule, Almerola is 11th in the points standings, and is currently 16th and last above the qualifying streak. He qualified for the playoffs in each of his first four seasons with Stewart-Haas Racing.

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