Taylor Made for Football: Lady Lancers Ashe midfielder was raised in a football family

ROCHESTER, NY – Nothing beats having a great coach to help hone your soccer skills.

Perhaps the only thing better is having someone who lives with you and works with you where you can walk

for example:

Rochester Lady Lancers midfielder Taylor Ashe is the daughter of former Rochester Raging Rhinos player Tim Ash.

“I mean, football is a big part of our family,” she said. “My brother plays too. My dad, he’s my best training partner. He still goes out on the field and plays. He was my coach when I was younger. I trust his opinion more than anything. It’s the best thing to have a dad who is very involved in your sport and knows How to give you great advice.”

Having someone at home with professional experience can go a long way in a player learning the finer points of the beautiful game.

Taylor said: “It’s the best, especially during the summer when you’re training alone. Having someone to be there and act like a coach is everything. So grateful that my family is involved in football. It’s great.”

Ash, who turns 20 on July 19, is exiting only her second game of the United Soccer League season. She played in a 4-0 season-opening loss at FC Buffalo, then missed three consecutive United Women’s Soccer games because she had her tonsils removed on June 1.

A little unfortunate, said Victor from New York. “This is the only time I can do it because of school and football during school. Happy to be back and it’s only been two weeks.”

In her first comeback game, Ashe took advantage of her lone-goal chance in a 1-0 win over the Pittsburgh Hotspurs on Saturday, June 18.

“It was exciting because obviously it was 0-0 and the second half,” she said. “It was my first game since I came back and I was relieved to score a goal.”

Needless to say, coach Adam Schwartz certainly welcomed Ashe’s return.

“It’s a blessing to have a very teachable player,” he said. “A very impressive work ethic. Just a great soul about her. It was a pleasure training her. I played 90 minutes in our first game against Buffalo and then I had my tonsils out. So, we made her come up as an alternative player. It has a lot of speed, a lot of movement. She added a lot of energy to the game in the second half.”

This result improved Lady Lancer to 3-1-1 and 10 points as their unbeaten streak reached four games.

They will be visiting FC Buffalo (4-1-1, 13), which takes first place in the Penn-NY division on Friday night and hosts FC Berlin at the Aquinas Institute in Rochester on Sunday at 2 p.m.

“The team has had a huge amount of success,” Ash said. “It is an opportunity to continue that and put ourselves in a good place for the qualifiers. These two matches are very important, and we have to get the victories.”

After this season, Ashe will have some time to catch her breath for a few weeks before returning to training in August for the fall season at William Smith College in Geneva, New York.

Her goals with the team are great.

“Our goal is always to win the Liberty League and then hopefully the National Championship,” she said. “We got to Elite Eight last year. But the goal is to be there for the last four weekends.”

William Smith is coached by legend Alison Wilbur, who directed the team to the NCAA Division III Championships in 1988 and 2013.

“Oh my God, I mean, it’s such an honor to play for her,” Ash said. “She is very successful and very creative. She is a great coach and a great personality. We learned so much about football from her. The way you really care about the team and all the players as individuals is incredible. We learned so much about life through her, not just football. Part of William Smith and I play under Alisian.”

Lady Lancer’s last three matches of the regular season are played at home.

Entry is free for the 2022 season.

Instead of buying a ticket, fans are encouraged to donate to the Rochester Breast Cancer Alliance. You can donate to the alliance at https://bccr.salsalabs.org/ladylancers

There will be promotions at home and in the game for the family to enjoy.

Aquinas Institute is located at 1127 Dewey Ave. , Rochester, NY

For complete information on Lady Lancers, visit www.RochesterLancers.com.

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